The moon is at 27 degrees of virgo; jupiter is at 23 degrees of virgo. Jupiter will expand the qualities of virgo which means this full moon is going to reveal the cracks in the armor. Virgo loves to interrogate and analyze with the intention of getting the facts which will help create a better or more perfect version. Version of what? Pretty much everything!
Conscious individuals seek to improve their situation. Virgo energy is needed. We all have it somewhere in our birth chart. Some of us just have more than others. This full moon highlights the virgo dimension of life.

The lunar sign of this full moon is ,’Chitra’. You cannot help but love chitra! Remember it is still virgo, but deeper inside, you find chitra which means, ‘the jewel’ or ’ to sparkle’. It is, ‘the star of opportunity’. If you want to find it in the sky it is the star now called ,’Spica’.
Virgo loves everything healthy, clean and organized. With that sort of energy eventually the focus of attention will sparkle and when it does, opportunity that lives on the same frequency is attracted. This is the cosmic law of attraction.
The full moon brings results so watch for that today!

The sun is at 27 degrees of pisces which means it is about to pass over into aries in 3 days. The final degrees of a water sign bordering on a fire sign are gandanta. Gandanta is technically, ‘the knot’, which is required to untie 3x within the kundalini pathway, before the human body can experience the physiological aspect of enlightenment. It is always dangerous when a knot is released because you then become responsible for managing the rush and higher levels of energy pulsing through your body.
Venus is also close to the Sun currently adding so much sweetness to this combination, but because it is retrograde, and the sun is gandanta the activation may come through love or money. Both of these areas cause the highs and lows of life.
The sun is in the late degrees of pisces which is devic ( godlike) and moksha ( spiritual liberation) lunar sign and considered very special as it is the final sign before the cycle begins again in aries.


Mars is in aries with mercury causing all kinds of war like action in the world. Mars is great for aggressive action. Venus is in pisces where it just wants to dance and sing and make love. They are both in full force with this moon.


The sun and mars will both change frequencies within a few days which can certainly cause a shift in direction for whatever is your main concern that needs improvement.

So often we are not brave enough to interfere so we let nature take it’s course. Even though this may be the path of least resistance it is still requires us to deal with the facts. This is a good explanation of the meditation for this full moon. Pisces wants to relax and ignore hard facts. It is this force that has you crave a glass of wine or puff or even an ayuasca journey. The opposing force, virgo, is the details that you may be hiding from. If you are not hiding, and your life is in order, then celebrate the gifts of nature that are provided for you, and enjoy your time as you ,’sparkle’. Love only…

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