Once again we come full circle to arrive at the beginning of the road that travels in circles.

Despite what the ups and downs of our own lives might look like, the truth is that we are are on a continual path of beginnings to completion. Each day symbolizes the beginning to the end. Best we embrace it.


If you are healthy this is a magical moment. The past is over and we have the opportunity to begin again. Now each of us have different energy levels, different paths, and are at different stages of our own evolution. Some have birth charts that make it easy to focus on the self while others have charts that make it extremely challenging to focus on self so each come to the starting block with a unique paradigm and set of tools. If you can really get into and make time to start your morning quietly and intentionally with the understanding that you are once again at a brand new starting place, this will help with your enjoyment of the process. Each morning is a new beginning.


The current calendar is basically skewed. We are following a system which does not line up with accurate astronomy. The whole thing is odd and off balancing. Why we are starting the new year on Jan.1 actually does not make any sense. The beginning is when the Sun begins it’s annual trek through the zodiac and the starting block is 0 degrees of Aries. ( Jan.1 the Sun is at 17 degrees of Sagittarius). The ancient people certainly all knew this. Inherently our bodies are tuned to the cosmos and nature, so we also know it.


We are all working on our improvement in some area. It is rarely a direct path to success! We fall down in our ability to commit to our selves. If there was never a time to begin again we would just stay down, defeated; but if we can find the compassion for our ,’human-ness’, we must embrace the new beginnings. If you are tuned, they are everywhere! Grab on to them and stop beating yourself up. Once we have achieved one goal, we will just create another, so we are bound to this cycle.


We are rainbow light dream machines. We have a dream, create an intention and then get into the game of manifesting. There is excitement and stress associated with the creative process. If you have a lot of planets which are mutable or cardinal signs, you actually need the change and you will produce more stress for yourself. Success will come in waves because that is the law of the universe and how energy works. There will be periods of intense activity and periods of calmness. The key is to embrace both consciously and with the wisdom that the cycle will continue like this. When it is calm, the either is organizing itself to deliver your intention into your reality. Have patience. Celebrate the process.


Your life is your creation. You have to make the rules of your journey. Why not fall in love with beginnings. Find them wherever you can. Ritualize them. Give them meaning in your own way. Co create with a freshness that stems from the enthusiasm of your ability to feel renewed at the beginning of the journey.


This new moon is officially the beginning of the next cycle of the sun. This is one of, if not, the most potent time of the year to drop a pure intention into the cosmic receiving channel. What direction do you want to take your life from this point to the same point this time next year? Now is good. JUMP!!


I feel so blessed and honoured to be able to work as a coach and advisor using the medium of vedic astrology. My work is highly confidential and the place of the astrologer is in the background. My personality it so perfectly suited for this. My journey is to juggle this digital era while maintaining  a high vibrational quality to convey the integrity of this ancient language correctly.

My  nature is reclusive.I need a lot of time in nature and self regeneration. I adore the internet because it allows me to work and keep contact with my clients & students all over the world and not be confined to a local base. Vedic astrology is embraced by those who are seriously on a path of self knowledge and metaphysical exploration and the birth chart is also called a chakra with means it is not static or 2 dimensional. You can consult your chart  1000x and learn something new each time if you are open and willing. It is your divine stamp of cosmic history and binds you to your own divine path, but more importantly shows how you are indeed connected to the whole.

For this , ‘New Year’, new moon, for the next 10 ( April 25-May 4 ) days I am offering you the ability to have your own reading and you can invite a friend that you know would benefit but who does not yet have the understanding of how powerful this information is for personal growth. Essentially you can share the cost of one reading but get 2. This is limited to online readings only. Just like we invest in everything to reap a reward, we must invest in ourselves. Happy New Solar Year !

Let us begin anew….

Love only…

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