Revati is the final lunar sign and one of the most spiritually oriented. It governs ,‘endings’. It seems an oxymoron but that is the energy of this new moon which is about beginnings. What is is it that you need to bring to closure ? What is it that you even need to begin to bring to closure ?Most transitions and transformations do not happen over night. Very often it takes repeated tries or new beginnings before we are successful. Revati is the baby that comes to completion and must be born thus an ending and a beginning simultaneously. This new moon may well be the final new beginnings.



Revati is concerned with Moksha. Moksha is spiritual liberation. Essentially this is the act of finally realizing that we are supported by a higher invisible force; that we belong to this higher invisible force. Moksha is the act of aligning with that energy combined with trust. Let go and let God.



The deity for Revati is Pushan,’ the one who nurtures’. Pushan is the protector of flocks of sheep and animals.

Pushan also recovers anything that has been lost.

Pushan is the blessing sign for beginning a long journey.

Pushan is about nurturing and proper nurturing is what causes real wealth.



Be very clear, even if you have all of the money in the world you can still not feel wealthy inside. The truth is many who have accumulated massive financial wealth continue to have the same feeling of not having enough. This is not true wealth. True wealth is a feeling of contentment within with what you have. Vedic astrology teaches us that this inner wealth is linked to Revati. Revati also means , ‘the wealthy’. How interesting is it that it is linked to nurturing others. Yes, we are designed to support and nurture others. I like the african ancient way of measuring wealth. How wealthy you are is based on how much you can afford to give away. Revati embodies that concept.

Do not despair if you do not have a lot of material wealth to give; then give of your time and do it willingly. You will see that when you give you receive. The first law of reaching enlightenment is learning how to receive; it actually comes before giving. Something to medidate upon during this new Moon.



Venus loves to be in Pisces because it is free to express fully the emotion of love!

Passionate Love comes from being fully engaged. You do not reap full inspiration by being, ‘half in’.

Emotional involvment to the extent that you loose yourself in your feelings of devotion to what creates pleasure.

Pleasure , if you are inspired, is an ongoing theme.



Don’t be afraid to explore this question to it’s full extent.

What makes you come alive? Who makes you come alive? Can you identify how full inspiraton feels?

This new Moon has Venus dancing with the Sun and the Moon coloring this new cycle with emotion.



Be the person you wish to attract. You emanate your inner truth. If you are truly wanting to be in a conscious loving relationship start be loving yourself the way you want to be loved. Years from now when you are old and have lost your youthfulness, you will regret the time you wasted on despising yourself. It is, in fact, the worst thing you can do with your time. Your time is your most precious asset. Begin now. Now is good!


Love only…

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