This Jupiter transit will be so much different from the last. Jupiter moves around the 360 degrees every 12 years, thus one zodiac sign per year. Jupiter in Leo has had a specific quality to it because it was travelling with the eclipse patterns dramatically increasing it’s effect. Basically think about the word , ‘power’. and look at the past year! Yikes!

This new cycle of Jupiter is about backing up the facts with the details.


Virgo is about the desire for perfection.

Jupiter is about creating abundance and removing obstacles.

Virgo is about perfection that comes from analyzing, organizing, criticizing…the necessary tools needed to improve. It is about the details. If you wish to create your best body you need those hours of discipline to excersise, eat and rest properly and over years you see yourself transform into your vision. If you wish to rise in your profession it come from study and practise. Your time if your most valuable commodity. Your life and the results of your action is your outcome, but the minutes, hours, emotions and thoughts are the details.” God is in the details.”


10,000 HOURS

To become a master at anything it takes focus; 10,000 hours of focus. During 10,000 hours you have lots of time to review the details, and make changes, and transform. The art of mastery most certainly involves transformation. Ego must be put aside if you are to truly transform. Becoming a master takes you out of a focus on yourself and takes you into a focus on something outside your self, which ironically enough, turns your into a master! Each of us deserve to master something. Wherever your passion leads you naturally is where you find your talent. Becoming a master gives one a sense of accomplishment and personal honour so that self confidence and depth is a side effect. It really matters not what you master, but that you master something and in the process receive the benefit of becoming a master.
Virgo is the frequency of details. Jupiter in virgo is the frequency of energy required to give attention to details. The next 12 months gives us all an opportunity to rise in our mastery.



Jupiter in Virgo rules the details of your health. In a world where having a ‘dis ease ‘ seems to be the new normal, why not embrace the intelligence of your uber sophisticated body/mind system and become committed to your ultimate health. Each of us is a unique program. Nobody knows what you need better than you. The key is to listen. The shamanic medicines are just plants with intelligence the help you access your inner listening. This year is the year to become intimate with your inner listening to access mastery in your health!

Virgo rules over enemies and debt. In a way debt is an enemy. If debt is stressing you out on any level it is draining you rather than empowering you. If you choose debt do it consciously and with a clear purpose of outcome. The next 12 months is is a good time to resolve the issues around your debt and make a plan for equanimity for yourself. Now is good.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 5.09.57 PM


The 3 lunar signs/nakshatras within virgo are : UTTARA PHALUNI, HASTA & CHITRA. Jupiter will move through all 3 of these lunar mansions over the next year.

Uttara Phalguni: honor, nobility,rules of society,marriage, kindness & compassion.
Hasta: goals, purpose, intelligence, healing, meditation, yoga, manifesting.
Chitra: the radiant, artistic talent,mystical, inspiration, style, passion.



Each of you have the virgo frequency active somewhere in your personal chart. The secret power of jyotisha is having this inside knowledge so you know how best to use this cosmic cycle to your advantage. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion. Jupiter removes obstacles and opens flow. Jupiter will activate the Virgo frequency for the next 12 months. How will you navigate?


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