In our particular cosmic pantheon cancer and leo are the royal positions. Cancer is the queen and mother while leo is the king and father. This new moon has 4 planets in leo and 2 in cancer. The only remaining true planets are mars and saturn in scorpio which is laying down the law of serious real responsibility.
My question for this new moon is : Are you in alignment with your royal nature?

Sure all of you have this vibrational frequency programmed into your DNA. Depending on your birth chart you may have more or less of a challenge finding and activating your own royal nature. Once you do access it, effort is required to keep it active; the reward is an enjoyable life.



Cancer filters life through the emotional body. “Feelings’ rule here. Cancer planets will withdraw when the feelings of pain become overwhelming. This is a sign that loves to nurture. Feeding others, healing others, listening to others with a compassionate nature is what a mother does. In the vedic wisdom the general name for mother is ,“amma”. Amma is given the same status as Guru instructing us that the act of nurturing is sacred and royal. Amma is not restricted to a female body which means anybody can play the role of amma.
Love is expressed through nurturing which can take many different forms. What you do to show another love as amma is not important, but who you do it is. Be present and be authentic. Express love when it is real, don’t bother to fake this one. A royal nature will never withhold love.


Once you are in touch with your royal nature you will naturally emanate the light of love.As you walk through a crowd people will see and feel it. Children are automatically drawn to one who is in an authentic state of amma. This is a divine state of royalty; true royalty. It is unmistakable, humbling and awe inspiring. If you are searching to be in touch with your highest mastery of life, focus on being a conduit for love and awaken your, ‘amma’.



Love is somehow the energy at the source of our universe. It is said that on the highest levels of evolution there is no opposite to love. It never runs out!
This new moon is a great time to reflect and find ways to open your channels. The key is forgiveness, compassion and inspiration. Your life is infinitely precious, don’t waste your time! If you do not feel love for somebody or something move on. There are people, places and activities that will inspire you to rise to your highest royal nature. Mars and Saturn are still together until September helping you find deep strength, commitment and resolve to make a shift. Nobody said it was going to be easy and for the most part life is not easy for anybody, but when you are finally aligned with your ability to express love honestly and maturely life will feel much.



Now this is super interesting! The 2nd lunar sign within cancer is Ashlesha. Ashlesha rules the kundalini and is therefore the intense aspect of channeling the love and the life-force through your body or sharing it with another. Ashlesha may well be the sexiest of all 27 nakshatras ( lunar signs). It is intense and prolific. It means the, ‘entwiner’, and those who have their kundalini fully active do entwine others with their magnetism. While this may be a enviable position, it comes with a distinct responsibility. Having the kundalini active means that your body is tuned, your chakras are all functioning at full capacity and you are managing the flow of energy so that is does not destroy you or others. This is no small feat, but ultimately our birthright. This new moon is in ashlesha.

Cancer is a water sign and the kundalini is a fire energy thus the two energies can cancel each other is not balanced with earth and air. Intensity grows gradually when the elements are in balance. This means activity is balanced with rest. Your body is the conduit to the universal divine sacred expression of pleasure and spiritual fulfillment. Since you are mostly water take great care in the quality of the water you accept and then to the imprint of your own energy upon that water. This new moon begin even one new practise to move deeper into your authentic royal nature of personal distinction.



Aug. 3 the moon moves into Leo to join the stellium. This puts half of the planets in Leo. This will cause heat waves, fire and explosions. All of us need to watch the heat in our body and work to stay regulated. Fire is pitta so those who have too much pitta are quicker to anger and inflammation. Mercury is close to Rahu and Jupiter which will cause accidents. Repressed anger is not good at this time. Stay clear of those who have no desire to grow out of patriarchal arch types that no longer serve this world. Women too much in their masculine can play the patriarchal role too. To help us out are 4 planets in the royal sign of leo! The force that this planetary carries is monumental. Fire power almost at maximum capacity.

Set your intention with a deep truth ( mars&saturn) and fully inspired by what makes you come alive and watch it grow. The cosmos is so fertile now! Rise in Mastery!

Love only….

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