This new moon has all of the planets but Saturn in one sign, Leo. These planets are in a tight alignment of 11 degrees.

This creates a situation called ,’combustion’. The strength of the planets are compromised. This can create error.

Another very interesting aspect is that Jupiter and Saturn are at 20 degrees, so there is an exact magnetic pull to these planets. Jupiter is going to expand the tension that already exists with so many planets lined up in a fixed fire frequency.

What could the effects be?


Whatever occurs during this time will be grandiose. Since we are looking at a hurricane about to land on Florida, my hunch is that it will be a dramatic event. We can also expect some explosions and , yes, more heat/fire. This could be a peak.

On a personal note, knowing where Leo falls in your own chart will be very helpful. Energy is just energy, you can harness it and use it to your advantage if you know what you are dealing with. This energy is like krypontite!


Magha means , ‘the mighty one’, and is all about Power.

The new moon is a low energy point, but you can believe there is a lot of secret talks going on around this subject.

You can set intention during the next 3 days around your own relationship to power.

Feeling empowered is how one feels inspired.

Feeling inspired comes from feeling you are aligned with your purpose.

Committing to being inspired is your challenge and your reward. Life feels great when this area is on track.



Love only…


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