Saturn is in Capricorn for the next few years. It is at home in this cosmic frequency so lends a steadiness to this full moon.

Saturn is all about discipline, strength, maturity and conservative wisdom.

It is also about restrictions, something the world is experiencing in spades at the moment.

Personally I believe this current global situation marks the real movement into the Aquarian Age which is also ruled by Saturn.


This full moon is a good time to review your relationship to this concept.

The world is changing and it is a good time to align with what and who makes us strong and protected.

You might want to look into Magna Carta. I know I am.


For this full moon I thought I would just take a piece from my book that pertains to Shravana. Shravana is all about Listening!

We do not give enough thought to this action that we do ( or do not do) constantly.



Shruti (Sanskrit: श्रुति, shruthi, “that which is heard”)

This is the fundamental foundation of the Vedas. Any serious student must be taught at the very beginning of the studies that the original 6 limbs of the Vedas come from God as direct transmission. Call God by whatever name you wish, in whatever language or religion, it is the concept of a creator and in the case of the Vedas, a divine source to be revered. The message is that this wisdom is based in ‘spirit.’ Essentially this is what sets it apart from other bodies of knowledge which are coming from the voice or written hand of a human being. This is what makes Sanskrit the only living spiritual language on the planet. It is the oldest and by far the most sophisticated. It requires a lot of time in reflection and meditation to really get a handle on this body of knowledge. This is a massive concept so, give it time to settle in and keep reading!

We could say, the Vedas have no author, they are the divine recording of the cosmic sounds of truth heard by a Rishi. This concept is important because it places our bodies as recording stations. The first action is to receive and hear.
Śrutis are timeless teachings said to be apaurusheya, which means impersonal and superhuman.
Sanskrit is famous for giving one-word multiple meanings. The truth about Sanskrit which, quite frankly makes it so delightfully intellectually stimulating is that there is always a thread of meaning which connects the various uses of the word. For the intelligent mind, it is like the constant unfoldment of the puzzle of our universe and consciousness. Sanskrit is unsurpassed in its’ elegance. One of the names for Sanskrit is actually, ‘sophisticated language.’

Another meaning for Sruti is within the context of Indian music. It is the smallest interval of pitch that the human ear can detect or devanagari. Sound exists on so many levels not even heard by the human ear, each level with its’ own frequency and some would say encoded message.


Smriti (Sanskrit स्मृति) literally means that which is remembered. Anything recollected after the sruti is smritri and, as such, is considered diluted in interpretation. For this reason, the place for the teacher of this lineage is deeply respected; namely the Guru. Remember the information is coming out of ancient northern India. During that time, this area was known as Bharat. Many of you have heard of the Mahabharata, the great epic which contains within it the Bhagavad Gita which is considered a cornerstone to the Vedas.

Sanskrit was an oral tradition passed down from teacher to student under great lengths of overall discipline and mental acuity. Like a river that starts from one source, it has bifurcated many times to arrive at many different schools. What is riveting about this particular source, however, is that the scientific, mathematical tools and techniques which are used to create the design of this system are timeless. Let’s say the formulas used to create a birth chart are the same now as when they were given in the Vedas many 1000’s of years ago. We do not know the true age of the Vedas, but interesting to note is that they were considered ancient even when first given. Consider that they could look to the sky and understand where the planets were located without a telescope or computer. They were also (there are only a few humans left who have this capability) able to read the lines on the palm to arrive at the actual birth chart of the person. The later defies any current day logic … but is true!

With Smriti, we are put on notice that information passing through a human vessel can become contaminated. To this end, they also gave us a sister science called Ayurveda so that we have the tools to keep the vessel pure. Do you get the picture?

Again, I can’t stress the importance of meditating on this concept before diving into the complex studies. Allow yourself time to fully understand the nature of Smriti. It may take years to absorb, assimilate and come to an understanding. With the Vedic information, it has been my experience, that as I grow and deepen as a balanced whole person, one mantra or concept will continue to unfold its deeper wisdom. Being conscious that we must be able to feel the truth as well as hear it, in order to align with the core truth. This is Smriti.

This aspect of the transference of pure cosmic knowledge, the Vedas, also take into awareness the next truism of orally transferred wisdom. The Four Aspects Of Conversation

Further to the concepts of Sruti and Smriti, are four distinct aspects of all communication:

Who is speaking
What is being said
Who is listening
What is being heard

From an astrological perspective, a person who has a chart with several strong planets in the air element, which rules intellectual communication, will have a different way of listening and speaking than somebody who has a chart lacking air planets but is plentiful in water planets. Water filters information through emotions, rather than strictly intellectually, as with air. Fire planets filter reality with passion, while earth planets, with action. Each of these individuals will have a different way of listening as well as getting their point across.

This can be broken down further into four basic ways of filtering reality:

Fire: passion
Water: emotion
Air: intellect
Earth: action

If we begin to understand the number of mutations that are possible, with even a few variables, we can imagine the possibility of permutations with four elements, ten planets, and 360 degrees. Each one of us is unique, like a snowflake, and filters reality in unique ways. We are permutations of light and carried forward soul experience manifested as a corporeal temple, a cosmic kaleidoscope, a microcosm of the universe. We are the ocean in one drop; the cosmos in one person.

As we delve deeper into this examination of frequency, with a focus on Vedic astrology or as is called in the Vedas, “Jyotisha,” keep in mind that this wisdom will be better absorbed if the teacher and the student are in their highest vibrational expression of themselves. Your chart, like you, is ever moving and alive, not static, just like our universe.


Love only…



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