In Samkhya Vedic philosophy, a guṇa is one of three “tendencies, qualities”: sattva, rajas and tamas.

Sattva is the quality of balance, harmony, goodness, purity, universalizing, holistic, constructive, creative, building, positive attitude, luminous, serenity, being-ness, peaceful, virtuous.


Cancer rules the Moon. The Moon represents the Mother.

This lunar mansion is considered the most spiritually evolved local cosmic frequency.Why?

The Moon is the most important planet in our birth chart.

The Moon represents the MIND.

Pushya falls within Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon.

The mind is the interface between the outside universe and our own body universe. For the personality to have the ability to manage a life well, the mind must be well formed.

Each month when the Moon passes through the cosmic zone of Cancer, the Moon becomes exalted and very powerful.

In it’s exalted state ( as today), the mind is stable and the the mother is gracious.

Love flows. Care is taken. Values are honored. The time is heart centred.


Pushya means , ‘to nourish’.

If everyone on the planet, ( plants, animals, humans) were nourished completely in their body, mind and soul, reality would be divine.

Pushya is pure love.


Where does Pushya fall in your own chart?

How is Pushya operating in your own life?

The world is changing. Everyone is reassessing how they will reinvent their lives to suite the new paradigm that is coming at us, undoubtedly.

It feels like the official beginning of the Aquarian Age to me.

One of the most important act you can take is the realize what truly nourishes YOU!

Do that. Do that. Do that!!!

Of course it will take time and effort to make the shift. What else do you have to do that is more important?





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