In this age of ,’Disclosure’ souls will be caught based on their actions; which includes words.

When your words and actions are not in line with the truth, it is obvious.

If you hang with others who do not resonate with , ‘satya’, ( sanskrit for truth) nobody will care because you will all be on the same page. When you go outside of that group your misalignment with truth becomes obvious for those who can see and feel.

This full moon is in Ardra, which I believe to be the lunar sign ( within Gemini ) that deals with the brutal truth.

GeminiĀ  of all signs give a lack of integrity to the spoken word. But your word is important. Your words are your actions too.


Ardra is the action of truth.

Ardra is a violent form of offering a message.

Ardra is what happens after the message has been delivered.

Suffering is always followed by a place of peace. Ardra is the suffering and the peace afterwards.

Ardra asks you to look at where you might be out of integrity and where the truth might be a better option despite the pain that may come from shifting camps.


Yes, in some cases it is too late to reconcile. Somebody may have already spoken so loud with their actions that no amount of words will land and shift your perception.

If this is the case be strong and confident enough to stand strongly in your truth. If you are young and inexperienced this is very challenging. Once you mature and are sure of your moral compass it becomes easier and you also then come from a place of being a beacon for truth.

If it’s too late , it’s too late. Bless it all and move on…


Now is such a good time to clear your conscious. The planets favour communication.


Saturn is the planet that is forcing the hand of truth just now. I expect the next 30 days to be very interesting on this planet. Watch…


The focus is ‘the return of the light’.

Clear off the last full moon of the year …

Now is good. JUMP!

Love only…



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