Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury in Sagittarius

Saturn is currently transiting through Sagg so plays a prominent role in this new moon energy. The ruling planet of Sagg is Jupiter which is all about expanding, while Saturn is the opposite force of contraction. The new moon is low energy so the combination of Saturn/New Moon can slow things down.


Sagittarius is a dual mutable fire sign that loves to be excited about everything! There is a positive force that looks forward to the future and loves to learn as matter of reaching higher levels of wisdom and justice. The blocker is when you can’t follow through and do what is needed to attain your lofty goals which is a Sagg trait.  This new moon take a look at the reality of what you will need to do to attain your 2019 goals.


Here is a good rule to keep you inspired. If it doesn’t spark joy, it will not be fueled by inspiration. This does not mean that every single action along your path has to be ecstatic, but it does mean that the general outcome has to spark so much joy that the discipline needed ( the not fun part) can be interjected into your activity without causing boredom or depression.

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Saturn is a 2.5 year cycle and we are half way through. The higher mind and true justice rules here and it is interesting to note what is happening on a global political level. Watch to see how the truth is revealed in 2019.

On a personal note this new moon is auspicious for you to find the sweet spot that marries your aspirations that are fueled by inspiration and your ability to adopt the necessary discipline and focus to make your visions manifest.

Love only…





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