We live in a cosmic dimension of polarity. Who knows if it is like this in all worlds, but in this one there is no doubt. To illustrate this first look at our planet, which by the way, is a living organism just like you and I. Earth is held together energetically by the north and south poles which run opposite polarities. We experience day and night which are opposite polarities. Our bodies have only 2 switches, parasympathetics and sympathetics. Species come in male or female form. (Sure sometimes there are mutations, where genetics are not defined enough and mesh the 2, but it is still yang or yin.)

Now the eloquence of Jyotisha reveals itself the more you can perceive. At the core of the wisdom is the fact that the planets, signs and houses also fall into this polarity theme.



Houses 1-7, 2-8, 3-9, 4-10, 5-11,6-12

Also the planets all fall into only 2 camps, Devas ( Gods) or Asures ( Demons)

Sun, Mars, Jupiter- Devas

Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter- Asures

It is no mistake that the vedic astrology chart demonstrates and explains the meaning of the polarities.

We must conclude that this dimension is a location for experiencing the expression of creation through polarity.


Each month the sun and moon balance one another as they come into their polarity. The Sun is always in the opposite sign to the full moon. In this case, the moon is in Taurus and the Sun is in Scorpio. Scorpio is extreme fixed emotions while Taurus is extreme fixed grounding. Of course the bliss point is the midline.


We are light beings who dance on the earth and are affected by the planetary movements. Our biggest challenge it seems it to find balance. If we can achieve balance, the dramatic cosmic energy showers we are subject to can turn from chaos to bliss.

The full moon raises the energy so high because the polar opposites are at their strongest point. Think of an elastic begins stretched to it’s max. If you are internally balanced you can take advantage of the cosmic weather and access higher levels of bliss. If you are not internally balanced the full moon will raise the frequency of your imbalance.


This full moon in Taurus is the energy of balance. The Moon is in it’s best position here in Rohini. The great Rishis who left this great mystical language for us, let us know that he moon is the mind and the best place for the mind is in Taurus which is a fixed earth sign creating stability. Earth is a practical sign. Balance requires habits that are with your for a lifetime; habits which create an environment of balance for your brain.

The opposite point is Scorpio which rules addiction to habits which are harmful to balance….and therein lies the game of life!


There is the odd person who is born balanced and lives that way their entire life. For most of us this life is journey towards balance. Clearly there is a lesson here. We are not dropped into the world randomly. The universe is full of order. No matter your age, never give up. The truth is that maturity and balance can take 50 to 60 years and finally happens after a lot of personal work. The fact that the moon is exalted in Taurus explains to us that the mind needs to aligned with practical habits.

Please never give up. Your mission is to find you balance.


Focus on what circumstances are needed for you to find your balance.

Make plans to shift your circumstances so that you feed that direction.

Celebrate where you are now and give yourself credit for what you have achieved to this point.


If you noticed in the planets, Mercury does not have a polar opposite. How interesting is that? Mercury is the planet of communication. We are communicating animals. Somehow there is a clue here. Communication is a portal for finding the balance in all of the other polarities. Mediate on this.


Mercury goes retrograde the same day as the moon is full on Dec.3. Mercury retrograde is the highlight of all that can go wrong when communication falls out of alignment. Watch to see what happens in the world with this planetary dance.


Where are your planets? Where is your mercury? What are the polar frequencies that are operating in your life? Jyotisha is the most wonderful gift that I know for gaining understanding of your personal authentic self as it gives your insight, clues and direction on your journey towards balance.

Love only…

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