The moon is in it’s weakest position in Scorpio. Why?

The moon is your brain and scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by mars, which creates a brain that holds on to anger. Scorpio is also all about power and, while power itself ( like money which is also ruled by this sign) is not bad, the misuse of this aspect of life is what causes most of the pain in this beautiful world.


The new moon is the lowest energy point of the moon cycle, so this new moon may bring up issues of unexpressed or over expressed unresolved anger or resentment. Unfortunately nobody can heal you but you. Our body complex, including the mind, is a recording station for all that you have experienced and, believe it or not, karma brought forward from other lifetimes. The ultimate joy in life is found when you wash the pain body clean. There is no question that this dimension runs that theme. Why doesn’t everybody do it?


Dealing with past issues of pain that are suppressed and stored in your cells may appear to be the easy path, but it is not. Happiness and peace is not possible and no matter how much money or power you have. It takes real courage to admit that you have a problem and need help. The point is we all need help. We are an interdependent species. The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Healing and washing away the negativity from your body/mind is possible. It is not easy or fun, and will be uncomfortable, but, the benefits far outlay any other investment you will ever make. Inner peace is the reward.


You and everyone run an energetic frequency that sends out messages to those around you. As much as you think you are hiding it ( a very scorpio thing to do), you are not. You will receive what you are projecting. This is a cosmic law. If you want to change the outside you must change the inside. Rebelling and revenging are a tired story for those on the receiving end.


This is the perfect time to do a self scan to see if you are harbouring any deep wounds that deserve to be washed away. Now is an excellent time to reach out and find somebody who can help facilitate your cleaning. You are mostly water. Your water has memory cells. You memory needs to be washed away from your memory cells. Now is good!


I am particularly fond of this nakshatra. The concept is that you receive the better part of your life experience in the 2nd half of your life. For those of you with planets in this lunar sign it is good news.

This is a time of death. This is a time to end the life of negative emotions that are holding you back from your highest potential.

Love only….

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