Oh, this full moon is an interesting one to study! What happens to most people when they have enough money? Answer: they seek power. When they have all of the money and power what do they seek? Answer:; beauty & pleasure Of course this is a generalization, but for the most part true and important to understand. With 4 planets in Scorpio and the Sun is the nakshatra of Jysthestha and the Moon in the nakshatra of Rohini, we are in the territory of money, power, beauty and pleasure. The message for this posting is short and sweet, Take time to reflect on what you are vibrating and how it is related to inner power.



The story goes that Daksha, one of the sons of Lord Brahma was married to Chandra, the Moon. She had 27 personalities. Daksha would spend 2.5 days with each wife, which is a reflection that the Moon stays for 2.5 days in each sign each month. He would spend more time with his favorite wife, Rohini. thus the Moon is exalted , or very powerful in the lunar sign, Rohini. Rohini, means, ‘the red on’. It is associated with beauty. As with many who have power and beauty, she has an ,‘edge’. It can be her way , or the highway. When one has what it takes to be the dominant one, one is responsible for using this gift with grace. By the way, people who are not physically beautiful can reflect great beauty just because of how they feel within.




The Sun is in Jyeshtha, who is the first and original wife. She is one one with the deepest level of power, without any real grace associated. She is raw power. The 4 planets backing up the Sun during this full Moon, without a doubt speak about our subject today.


It really makes no difference if you are a leader or a follower. Some are happy having another guide them and protect them. The main thing is that you feel empowered within your own skin! You know what I am talking about. I know what I am talking about!! Management of this aspect of life is an ongoing process. What we eat, how we think, where we live, where we work, how much we work, how much we sleep, what type of intoxicants we consume…. Whether you like to rely on another or you do it for yourself, this full moon is a great time to check in with your feelings of inner power. We are nearing the end of the year, so it is always a good time to begin to think how you would like to shift your habits in order to bring your own sense of strength and health into it’s highest expression.

Love only!!

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