… Dect.21 is the shortest day of the year. Technically this is a very potent New Moon of the year , where the energy is at it’s lowest. In addition it is a new Moon, so we have a double whammy effect. let’s try to make sense of it.


Maybe in other realities the universe looks different, but to our vision and perception, the cosmos that we can see and experience runs on circles or spheres! From the smallest nano or quark world that we know of know to the greatest galaxies that we can see, all is spheres moving around other spheres. Somehow there is an energetic system that keeps order within this pattern. What we do know is that there is a beginning, a middle and an end, yet at the same time, within a circle there is not time. IT is a a hefty thought pattern to drop into, but it is what we have! So as much as there is no beginning and no ending, and time is not a linear truth, but can be bent like light, so that explains the endless cycle of the circle. Yet , at the same time, in our 2 dimensional reality, there is always the polar opposite that is true. This means that there is a beginning and there is an ending. This is the experience of duality, or polarity, or opposites. It is also the monthly, annual cyles under which we experience life.



The beginning is the place where both spheres are aligned in darkness. This happens every new moon. The Sun represents our Father andr the male energy and the Moon represents our Mother and the female energy. When the two are are joined together on the same energetic zone of the sphere, they become ONE. Non dual. From that point on the Moon, which also represents the mind, begins to separate and find a refection in individual expression until it reaches the opposition, or full moon, at which point it is ready to see itself in another; a projection of self; a mate. The ONE is another form.



.. During the very beginning there is no Moon in the sky. No individual mind, rather pure potential. It is at this time when the water is calm, and the reflection not yet established, So, when you drop your intention into that pool it becomes recorded and set’s the path for the new cycle. Remember water holds memory, and I am sure we will soon discover that either also holds memory. This is a cosmic law that you do not have to question!!




When you , already in form, already with a brain, already in the co creator phase of existence, are strong and clear and conscious, you can drop your intention into the either during a new Moon, like a seed into fertile ground, and watch it grow to fruition. Once you plant your see, you no longer need to worry about whether you have done it or not, you job now is to nurture and grow your intention, like a beautiful cosmic creation. You own garden.



How fortuitous that we have two beginning points aligned this year. This portal is open for 3 days once the planetary bodies are exactly aligned. This alignment occurred on Dec.21, 2014 at 7.07pm PST.

Unfortunately those who are prone to depression will be very easily triggered at this time. Use all of the tools in your Christmas tool chest to navigate your balance. If you fall of, just get right back on. Don’t waste time on any negative feedback directed towards you by you! Just start each new moment fresh and new. That’s how it’s done.




The Solar energy is Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter, the Guru. The Guru is most revered in the Vedas, because he/she brings light to the darkness. Illumination. Sagittarius is the sign of the highest wisdom, intention and justice. Jupiter is Hamsa, which means , Swan, or Grace. The Lunar energy is Moola, which is ruled by Ketu. Moola, means , ‘the root’. The foundation, or initial intention of any seed planting goes to creating the strongest foundation or root possible. The root is grounded in the element of earth, because we are made of earth. Once this foundation is set and strong, the flower/intention can grow above ground, and be subject to the elements. If the root is strong the visible creation can whether the storms and basque in the sun.




Higher consciousness allows one to co operate with the cosmic mind more acutely. How is this done? From my perspective, accessing this mystical language of light left to us from an enlightened race of old, is like being handed the instruction manual to our own life. Where ever Sagittarius falls in your own chart is where the seed/intention should be dropped. This is an extremely potent time!! Rise in your Mastery. Love only….

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