Have you ever wanted to re-invent yourself?

Has a time come when you feel that you have come to the final destination of one particular reality line, or karmic play out, or curious adventure and you just know that the chapter is done?

What holds you back?

If it is the opinion of others, you will realize soon enough that this is an excuse. Most people live vicariously through watching the ones who have the courage to live out their authentic expression of self. People have very short memories and , as much as you may be the centre of opinions for a while, it will fade and they will adjust.


All you ever really own in your experience. You are 72% water, 12% earth, 6% air, 4% and 6% space. This is the make up of your canvas. These are the paints and brushes that you have to work with. But what of inspiration?


Your vedic birth chart is the users manual. This is were you go  to understand what cosmic train you rode in on and how much baggage you had with you when you arrived. No matter the amount of the baggage, each of you must still get busy creating the canvas. In the beginning you will be guided by parents and karmic residue, but with time, you will mature and hopefully, by you saturn return completion around 30 years, you will step fully into being your own master. This does not mean that you don’t continue to have great teachers, rather that you are in the full state of adulthood and capable of making your own decisions. At this destination you can throw off the cloak of previous roles and consciously choose a new more appropriate cloak that feels like you.

That should be where the fun really begins. Sadly , this freedom often never kicks in, or at least, when it does, life is almost over. In fact, you can throw off your artists cloak for a new one anytime that feels proper for that action. If you do understand your chart, and your dasas and transits, you will have the guidance as to when is the best time to drop the seed of intention. Timing is everything, as they say.


Today the new moon is in Aquarius along with mercury and ketu. I have an aquarian moon. The eclipses have been travelling through the leo/aquarius axis since Jan.2016 and will until this upcoming Sept. Ketu is the portal of loss, surrender or letting go. Since I am lucky enough to have this tool, I know that now is the best time to drop the old personna and bring in the new canvas. Thus at this time Paddi Moore goes into the annals of the cosmos ( because everything is recorded) and Stefania Leone is born. A new clear and exciting blank canvas is sitting in front of me now.

Have you been quietly been considering a name change? A name holds  vibrational frequency which becomes attached to you. If you change your name you actually change your frequency. Choose carefully and implement at the exact correct time for success.


The lunar sign of this new moon means a hundred physicians, stars or flowers. The energy is one of full blossoming of inner potential. It is the fortunate and regal star of the king, thus focus is on your noble nature that reflects your highest expression of greatness.


Aquarius is the frequency of change and innovation. Aquarius rules the computer age and if you look at the extreme fast past that this new era is arriving, if you do not like change you will be swept away.

Aquarius rules our unique authentic nature as well. This is not a static statue rather, as you, a holographic dream machine; a cosmic Picasso.

This new moon is a time to drop it! The energy is so conducive to helping you create that new blank canvas, that is you hesitate, it will gone. Of course, it will come around again, but this particular portal is open now and for the next 3 days.


If you survey your life, you will see it is those times when you are fully self expressed that life is the most memorable. Use this new moon. Use it for YOU! Now is good. JUMP!

Love only…


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