What a great combination of planets for this full moon! The moon belongs in cancer so is at home and comfortable , which gives tremendous power. Venus is also home in Pisces. Jupiter in Virgo is in drishti/ opposition to venus and mars, which promotes the removal of obstacles and flow of success to biz, abundance, and love. The motive is collective, which means everybody benefits.

The king/father and queen/mother of the zodiac are the sun and the moon. The sun rules leo and the moon rules cancer. These two signs are the royal or noble signs. The role of parent and leader require extra energy and wisdom to do well.
Particularly if you have favourable planets in cancer, this is a time to reap rewards for efforts in this area of your life. For the rest of you, it is generally a wonderful time to receive abundance as well as give gestures of appreciation, which includes yourself.
Pushya, the nakshatra considered the most spiritual of the 27 is located in cancer just before Ashlesha. Pushya means, ‘to nuture’. This is what makes this sanskrit based language of the vedas so sophisticated and awe inspiring. The message is clear; feeding and nurturing others is considered the highest and most noble act. Cancer also rules the family and business, which originally was always a family affair.

There are two lunar signs per zodiac sign and one is lighter and softer while the second delivers the darker side of truth. Ashlesha, is the darker side. This does not mean all dark!! Ashlesha is the most wonderful intoxicating nakshatra ever! Ashlesha, means, ‘the serpent’, and rules the kundalini, which as you know, is serpentine energy. Enlightenment is actually a physiological process which is intense and can very easily slip into the darker side.
Ashlesha is also maybe the sexiest lunar sign. Again the deep level of sophistication of the vedas, which give the sexiest energy to , ‘mama’. There is nothing like a mature woman who has raised a family and has the pleasure of ‘reigning’ over her creation, her family, while at the same time being deeply attractive and seductive. There is a fierceness to guarding your tribe, and to attaining true nobiliy, thus ashlesha is fierce.
Ashlesha also rules business, in particular , real estate. You may find those projects that you have been working on for years come together at this time. Allow your dreams to come true!


Mars and venus are travelling in very close alignment during this full moon. This brings the masculine and feminine together. Venus is exalted here raising the overall frequency of love, beauty, money and romance. There is a perfect flowing aspect from the moon in cancer. This makes this full moon super sweet. Old loves from the past may show up.

Because Mars and venus are also in a water sign, there may be displays of emotion this new moon. Have patience or walk away. Spending time in argument over the same subject for years on end insane. Celebrate your maturity. Honour those who nurture you. Open to your wild sexual nature. Now is good.

This full moon the moon is at 28.22 degrees of cancer in ashlesha. The energy is, high, noble and potent.

Align with your noble nature.

Love only..

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