I am on an airline going to the Yukon to visit my mother. As the plane took so long to get off the ground, I thought to myself, “ I should have paid more attention to the planets”.

Luckily I am from this part of the world and understand that everything is airlifted into this northern remote part of Canada, so they put the maximum weight on the planes. That always makes me a little nervous, plus this extremely potent full moon. In any case, I am in flight because angels are on the wings.


The full moon is for expression. It is for celebrating where ever you are at in your journey. According to the ancient texts of vedanta, we are all just at different parts of the circular path, and we are all part of the same force field. Bruce Lipton is putting out some very good youtube videos about consciousness and how to reprogram the brain. The more I understand about LIFE, the more concerned I become about loving my brain. Luckily there are a lot of new technologies based on vibrational frequency, electric and magnetic venues. The truth is that I am totally in love with this new wave, the word of which credit goes to Dave Asprey, the creator of bulletproof coffee.


The first time I heard this word was a year ago in Tulum. I wasn’t sure what it meant, and let it go without asking more, but not this year! I have been working with the Bemer ( bio, electric magnetic energy regulator), AmpCoil, Water Hydration machine that breaks water molecules into tiny particles so they hydrate the body easier than regular water, electric shocking skin tightening facial biohacking newness, a Tesla designed frequency emitting crazy looking machine! I understand it is not for everyone, but my Aquarian moon loves it. The main focus is brain/heart health and human optimization. During this full moon, I will personally celebrate my state of health. My inner world feels better than ever and the projected energy that emits around me, I can only call, a Blessing. We are living in an age of technological explosion, cultural explosion, spiritual explosion, economic explosion, and information explosion. Selfies now take up 80% of all photos taken, which is a testament to the fact that in this new age, we will find God within. As you can see, this new age is very different from the last. This will be the computer age. Biohacking is just the very beginning of what will be a very big wave over the next 2,600 years, earth time.


The whole idea of the ones who receive this technology first causes a gut reaction. On one hand we fear the take over by robots, while we race headlong into addiction of just our cell phones. Do you know that the computer that send Apollo Eleven to the moon was not as sophisticated as you cell phone? Elon Musk calls us cyborgs already since our cell is an extension of our physical bodies already. How do you feel about it?


Ketu acts like mars, so it is like a saturn mars conjunction. This combination has been causing a lot of problems in the world of late. The energy is hot, pitta, explosive. Currently there is an entire island burning from another oil spill. Let’s watch to see what happens over the next few days.

Your job is to be part of the solution and as close as possible to your highest vibrational frequency. I like this new song called, ‘Whatever it Takes’.

On a personal level you may finding yourself dealing with anger, and a shorter fuse than normal.

Knowledge is available but can be hidden.
This too shall pass.

From a spiritual perspective, big lessons can be delivered during this time. Pay attention when the message is clearly for you. Action must follow. Never give up. You are here for a reason. Never doubt that. I would say it is a school of relationships. If you cannot find purpose, focus on improving your relationships, first with Self, then your Creator, then the Others.

We cannot please everyone, but our chances of pleasing many is that we first are pleased with our SELF. This full moon is not focused on self, rather, on community.


Sagittarius is your zone of like minded intellectual belief systems. Do a survey of who falls into this category in your life. If you have even 5 good friends ( that includes family members) , you are a blessed human.


Venus is the most important part of this full moon eclipse as far as I am concerned. Venus encourages communication and provides, ‘information’.

Love and money can ignite here in a fun and funny way.


Family meetings can turn emotional for those who are feeling the pressure of the world. If you are unhappy about your home/work situation, feel into the irritation and make plans to make a change.

Anger is just on the other side of fear. Feeling alone and unsupported means it is time to find new friends and even a surrogate family. You have permission.


Because the full moon is at 29 degrees, but tomorrow, the sun will move into cancer, and the moon will move into capricorn, still in the full moon energy. This is always fun to observe. I would say expect resolution.

Thanks for just letting me ramble a bit more than usual today!!

Off to see my 80 year old Mama Bear.

Love only…

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