What else is there to say when you say to somebody when they have a lot of this cosmic frequency! It’s great, it’s simply great.

In Sagittarius, it is the stars that form the archers’ bow. The energy is mutable ( which means embraces change), and in the element of fire, which represents spirit & energy.


This is 2.5 days every month where you can celebrate your achievements. The new moon is for beginnings and start ups, while the full moon is for results. Celebrate and honour your results. Now is good.


The full moon involves the sun being exactly opposite. In this case, 3’s are coming up everywhere. I’ll include the chart so you can count them for yourself! It’s a great sign because Gemini is the 3rd sign. Pay attention the phenomenon of speed. How does it operate in your life? This is a deep and wonderful contemplation meditation for knowing your self. What is speed? What role does it play in your life?

I have found that I am only really stressed if I feel that I am not in time, or rushing with my life. I work very hard to slow the pace down.

I have an old friend who, when I asked, “Jose, what are you doing?”

Jose, ” waiting’.

Always he was , ‘waiting’.

Finally I asked him, ,’ for what are you waiting?”.

Jose: ” I find that 90%of my life I am waiting for the results that I want. When they finally materialize they seemed to often all be delivered at the same time. During this time, I am very busy, but that is only 10% of the time. The rest of the time, I am , ‘waiting.’….


Find joy and pay attention where you find that joy. Gravitate your life in that direction.


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