Now this is a special new moon. The Sun, Moon and Mars are within a degree of one another. This means if you looked through a telescope at the sun or the moon you would see ( or not see) that the moon, sun and mars are in such a tight line-up their energy will combine absolutely. This is interesting because it is the combination of an exalted planet and a debilitated planet together. Many of you will have this sort of configuration in your own birth charts. Technically this is called a ……….Yuga yoga? , which means, ‘war’.  Let us determine who is the winner.


Imagine even in the most ancient language/system in the world, the vedas, there is the concept of war. Yikes. What does that tell us?

This means that when planets are too close to each other, they compete for power. Usually it is the one in  the highest degree that wins. In this case, mars is just over a full degree higher than the moon. ( 6.38 vs. 7.46).


The moon belongs in cancer so it is in the home frequency. Moon in cancer is kind, loving, sentimental, emotional, generous, family oriented, and great at business. We love to see the moon in cancer.


Mars is in it’s weakest position in cancer. When we analyze this, it brings up the point that this ancient language called Jyotisha is the most sophisticated language on earth ( or wherever it originates). Mars in cancer quiet simply is, ‘anger within the family’. Unfortunately this is where we find anger the most. The world is for the most part still functioning with a paradigm whereby  family members take out their stress & anger on their own. This applies to parents taking it out on their children as well as spouses taking it out on each other. This is pathetic. Sorry for the judgment, but, as one who has been born into such a situation, as are many to most reading this, until we evolve out of this as a species we will remain at the lower end of the evolutionary scale in the universe.

Jyotisha is calling it out as a debilitation. Go figure!


As you know these planetary frequencies represent different arenas and are not all bad. The upside of mars in cancer is protection of family, rescuing orphans, passionate lover, great cook or chef extraordinaire. Just because you are born with it in your chart, does not mean that you abusive, put it does pretty much mean that you were born into come family abuse which gives you the direction to grow it into something else; the higher vibrational expression.


The saving grace for this new moon configuration is the fact that all 3 planets are in the lunar sign/nakshatra of Pushya. Pushya is considered to be the most spiritual of all of the 27 lunar signs. It means, ‘the one who nurtures’. There is a deep caring compassionate, empathetic feeling of love here. If we look at a global expression, this energy can extend into a solider who has such love of country that they believe an action of aggression is actually love. Hmmmm…when will that change?

On a personal level, each of you have the divine Pushya some place in your chart. If you have planets in that frequency, you will be more connected and affected by this transit.


Well, because it is mars, and water, we an expect to see storms. We also may actually see a surge in the financial markets.

For this new moon, focus in on who and how you nurture and feed yourself on all levels. Pushya is inherently gentle and kind. Where is your Pushya?


Mercury has just moved into leo and is at 2 degrees, which is a tight conjunction with the current eclipse patterns. Rahu is at 0 degrees, actually called ,’sandi’ which is the point of extreme danger and at the same time enlightenment. The lunar sign is Magha. There is no question that this new moon will bring out a message of somebody flexing their power. You would think that after the millions of years on this planet we would grow tired of war. Sigh…

On a personal level the new moon is a time for new beginnings, and this gives you the opportunity to go into your emotional body and find where you are hurting, even at the most hidden quiet places of your body. Find it , ask it what it needs, and then nurture it. This almost always requires you voicing your pain. Let somebody hear it. Let it out. Let it out until it leaves your body temple.

One person completely free of inner pain is enough to offset thousands to millions of those who are not yet there. It is all an equation of the negative vs. the positive on this planet. When one outnumbers the other, it tips.

How you make a difference is by raising your frequency and clearing your pain body until your frequency is a light that transmits enough positive energy that you make a difference.  Now is good. JUMP.

Love only…..

P.S. this is my birthday and I commit to continued growth and laughter.

Thank you all for your support and love. You know who you are!

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