SPRING CLEANSE It is a good idea to do a cleanse twice a year, in the spring and the fall. With the full moon in the virgo now is a good time.If you want a cleanse to be really effective you might consider ….



Use your eyes as a monitor to your current state and your progress. Your eyes are these amazing structures that somehow are able to shine the light of your soul. Your eyes give away the state of your body temple. As you begin your cleanse take time to look into the mirror. Be honest with what you see. Begin here. -How white are the whites of your eyes? -Are there spots and rings in your iris? -Is there darkness in the skin around you eyes? -Is there puffiness or sallowness under your eyes? -Is there joy or sadness in your eyes? The good news is that you eyes will give you almost instant feedback. Within days of beginning a cleanse you will begin to see your eyes change. Your eyes can be used as a monitor to show you the progress of your cleanse. Don’t worry about vanity, it is not about that. You can actually learn a lot about yourself by spending time looking into your eyes in a mirror.



As you begin your cleanse you will want to consider that your body is like a car. You have many moving parts that work together to keep you in motion. During a cleanse you are going to do an inner wash. This means you take a vacation from those daily toxins that you put into your body. Even one week or ten days of honest cleansing will make a difference. Either visit a naturopath or ayurvedic doctor or use your own intuition to determine what type of herbs you will use. Since it is a wash, you will need to drink more water. Let the water sit outside in a glass or copper container. Send intention to the water to have it transform into a more potent purifier.



Yes, you will want to sleep more. When you are sleeping your body has a chance to repair and rebuild. There are natural substances which can help you sleep. Melatonin, Holy Basil/Tulsi are great. With your cleanse schedule in a lot of extra time to sleep. You would be surprised how much can be gained by staying in bed one or two days and just sleeping. Sleep is as important as excersize.



Your clothes and hair style are a reflection of how you feel about yourself. This is a good time to go through your closet and give away any items that represent the outdated version of you! Be bold. Better to have less and feel great. An extension of this is any items that you have in your home that are given by an old relationship that has any emotional charge at all should be passed on if you really want to clear.



We live in a world defined by laws of physics. One of the laws is that nature abhors a vacum. The essential basis of this law is that if you give something away you are creating an empty space into which the new can flow. If you want to initiate a change give something you own away and watch what happens. Since you are on a cleanse, your focus is to release anything that causes a negative charge in your life in any way.



Purva: former Bhadra: lucky Pada: foot This lunar sign may be the most eccentric and unusual. Although this frequency exudes benevolence and charity and general genuine care for life there is a mysterious quality that comes from being super tapped into perception. More traits of Purvabhadrapada: sincerity, determination, discipline. There is a swing towards the deeper meaning behind this mundane world! This lunar sign may well be the most mystical of all the lunar signs. Imagine that each person is living out their own subjective reality and that everything that happens is a sign. During this full moon watch the signs carefully. Embrace the magical aspect of life!

MOON IN UTTARA PHALGUNI/VIRGO Uttara: later Phalguni: the red one This lunar sign is the second half of the constellation of the Lion. The energetics associated with this lunar sign are copious. This is one of quality. If you are going to do something, do your best. In purification one achieves more if one is totally honest. With the Moon in this cosmic arena the light may shine brightly on where you can improve. This lifetime, we will never cease to have the need to purify; it is a natural part of this dimension.



For those of you with  the Sun or Moon, or many planets in Virgo or Pisces this full Moon is a  gentle beginning of up coming shift of eclipses that will occupy your cosmic trigger points. You are well advised to have a reading in advance of July so you are properly prepared.

Love only…

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