This new moon gives us pisces in spades. Here is the line up:

Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury in Pisces.

Pisces is a yin dual mutable water sign. Those of you with strong pisces planets are good to prepare for this new moon as emotions and uncertainty will rise if it lives anywhere within.


Venus is dancing with this new moon in the most beautiful way. Venus loves to be in this cosmic frequency because it activates the frequency of pure love in all the different expressions. Music, beauty, art, abundance and unconditional love is the place we would all like to live. See if you can tap into that part of your psyche. So much of how your life unfolds has to do with your deepest beliefs. Your beliefs are directly codes to your emotions. If you can go deep you can find your truth.

Because this is a new moon the energy will be low on the planet ( unlike the full moon) it is a good time to get quiet and examine your true feelings. Once you have identified them make a plan to do what you know will harmonize your soul. Now is good.


While Venus is strong, mercury is weak. This means talking things through is not a good idea. Send your messages telepathically or do something that makes your feelings and intentions clear.


“Purva Bhadrapada¬† grants a universal view through intense internal purification.”. (Dennis Harness)

Essentially this is a reminder that how you treat you SELF is how you treat the world. How you honor your SELF is how you honour others.  If you are not generous with yourself it is impossible to be generous with others. Better you understand this and get really honest.

What is needed for you to fall more deeply in love with yourself?

For those of you on the sacred plant medicine path, you will notice that the questions you put forth in your ceremony were answered and when you lay down your intention, the force of reminding you of your intention will be much greater when you fall off track. Pure intention is pure intention. It does not need to be redone. It just asks for alignment.


These are 2 malefics which will show you the obstacles that lie between you and your future. Pay attention.


Sophistication enters into the picture with Jupiter.


There are only mutable and cardinal planets. Embrace change for change is what is for dinner!


Your deepest feelings are what run your life.

This new moon is a great time to dive in deep to take a look and open your heart to FEEL.

Now is good.

Love only…

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