Different frequencies are connected to specific expressions of emotion. Each person is interpreting their life data input according to how much they can input and how they input. When two people come together to communicate the effectiveness will depend largely on how synched they are with their atunement to the same frequency. Miscommunication is the element that causes the most common form of breakdown.


The full moon in virgo is asking for specific practical solutions. Time management of  yourself and respect for the time managment of the other are key. Listening properly requires effort and a correct environment. Virgo is all about integrity in this area.

If you do not understand, don’t be afraid to ask.


The Sun is always involved in the full moon since it is the polarity, or opposite camp. In this case, mercury is within 2 degrees of the sun, which creates a combustion, it is in it’s weakest position and it is retrograde! Yikes. If you are being challenged from the opposite poles of communication right now this is why. The full moon has extreme polar opposites pulling on each other.

This is a very sensitive tenuous time. Boundary issues may come up. Lean on actions rather that words at this time unless you have proper time and attention to address the sensitive issue with care. A lot can go sideways…


These two words fall into the same camp; the pisces camp will find these concepts less demanding and aggressive than the virgo camp which would argue these words are only for very special occasions. This full moon examine how , ‘Try & Should” are operating in your life vs. ” AM & WILL “.


Mars and Saturn are also within 1 degree from one another.

Mars: 13.51 Sag

Saturn: 14.47 Sag

Both are malefics which are demanding justice.

Where does Sagg fall in your chart? Those of you with Sagg sun or moon may have a hard time sleeping lately.


Love only…


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