The symbol for this nakshatra is the funeral cot. Above we see an ancient Mesopotamian funeral cot depiction. What strikes me now is the way that we care for the dead compared to our ancestors. Now it is mostly remote from us. We do not usually see the dead body for more than a few hours before it is whisked away to be dealt with by somebody who is not related to family. We next see them embalmed and looking like a mannequin; at least for most of the western world. The rest of the world lives as it has for millenia; where the family takes care of the body.

The body is a vessel. It returns to the earth and over long period of time, the universe. From this perspective our bodies are all recycled star dust. Our souls, however, according to the Vedas, continue on to move into different bodies and worlds. The concept is overwhelming, and needs to be pondered at length while on a spiritual quest for a meaning to life. So many cannot go through this process because it requires effort and discipline, but may be fast tracked by major forced emotional pain.

If you persevere, you will eventually come to realize that our brains can only comprehend so much. Comfort replaces fear when you understand that this life is only part of your journey.

Apparently for the evolution of the soul, we experience the opposite to love, which is pain and suffering. Sometimes pain and suffering comes on it’s own with birth or locational situations you did not consciously choose, and sometimes it is inflicted by another person, or in this case, non human entity that jumps from body to body, mutating as it spreads at alarming rates.

At this new moon in Uttara Bhadrapada, we are in the midst of the onset of a global pandemic. Funeral cots are in full use.


We are in fact leaving the Piscean Age and entering into the Aquarian Age.

This pandemic is killing a lot of elders in historically important countries. A generation of elders suddenly gone. Everyone seems to have this inner sense that  this pandemic signals a major transformation for humanity. For this to happen we have to release past inhibitors so we can move forward.

There will come a moment when we pass out of this body and into the next leg of our cosmic soul journey. Ideally we would want to embrace that moment with the enthusiasm of a child no matter the circumstances of the moment.


We are all connected on the worldwide web. If we check in we can feel the pain of our brothers and sisters. This is a time for prayer ( Pisces) which is connecting to the energy of unconditional love ( also Pisces).


I remain committed to sharing this mystical language which gives us insight into our own souls.

Thank you for reading this.

May you be blessed.

Love only…



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