This full moon comes at a time when the entire world is communicating, not about war but about health. We are in the middle of what, in earlier times, would have killed many more people than it will today. Why? Well people are collaborating to stop this situation from being much worse.

While this is an awful situation it is highlighting how vulnerable we are as a species. Many will be revamping their level of self care and paying more attention to their immune system.

Virgo is the sign that deals with health.


If there is a heaven, I am pretty sure it is a pristine place.


Gabriel Cousens ( Spiritual Nutrition), emphasizes the need for cleaning the body not only from the outside but from the inside. The world is full of naturally occurring plants and minerals that acts as a medicine for our body. Now is a good time to get on that train.

Your organs are just a series of pumps and hoses that work with chemical reactions. With your time in quarantine, now is a good time to take some time to learn about how your internal system works. The more you learn about your body the more respect you will have for your life.

Virgo is the picky one. Virgo is the one who insists on cleanliness. Virgo is also the healer. Each of you has the ability to heal yourself and others. As it goes, one of the major challenges in the evolution of the soul is to overcome some health imbalance.

Each of you has a connection to Virgo in your chart. What planets do you have in Virgo? What house does Virgo rule in your chart? Understanding this gives you a much deeper insight into how you can effectively approach your own self care and radiant health. Each of us are different and require our own unique approach. Don’t judge others, rather find what is best for you.


Chitra means , ‘the jewel’. Your soul is a universal jewel. You are so incredibly special. You are born with the God molecule. If you treat yourself as a precious creation, and attain radiant health, you will feel this connection. NOW is a good time to review what your intuition is nudging you towards.


The other end of the Virgo moon is the Sun in Pisces/Revati. This is one of the most devotional spiritual locations of the zodiac. It represents endings.

Mercury is very weak in this sign because faith does not have words, rather actions.


This line up of planets is intense, and considered a war. The focus is on long term stability.


Venus is helping out in such a way that, despite the pain of this time, there is an underlying beauty and benefic quality. Trust this and be a part of the change!

Love only….

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