The planets are all spread out. We like to see that because it lessens the overall intensity of having many planets in one sign. You may not believe that based on the current global news, but the news is meant to keep us alarmed so our reptilian brain will keep the survival antennas tuned. The reality is that humans have been killing each other since the beginning of time, while some cultures live quietly in peace and harmony. Media is raising awareness of the global situation now. Wisdom says to monitor how much negative media you watch. It is important to understand that we actually have to literally digest whatever we injest, be it through the mouth or the eyes, or ears.

Being an astrologer I have an inquisitive mind so am drawn to research the latest developments of various whistleblowers that are now surfacing. When I am in the northern climates where the weather is such that we stay inside more, I find that I do more research. When I am in the southern climates of sunny tropical weather, I find that I, like many others, are not drawn to such research preferring to just live in paradise in a blissed state of bliss. What to do?


For those of us living in peace it is easy to say that we create our own reality. For those born into extreme conditions, there is no chance. For the most part, anybody reading this content is blessed with a good condition. The raw reality is that we are a world that has been seeded with various celestial races, and have evolved into the full extremes. There are some who like to sacrifice and eat members of their own species. There are many who like to sacrifice and eat a variety of animals, not from their own species, and call that normal. There are those who like to live only on plant food and then there are even those who live without eating food, rather investing life force through prana. Think about it. That covers the polar opposites. Therein lies the reality of our dimension. We live in a dimension of opposites. Like it or not.

This full moon is in the Aries/Libra axis, which is considered the 1/7 aspect of relationships. The 1/7 is not about the relationship with yourself, rather the relationships outside yourself; the relationships with another; your partnerships.
This vedic wisdom of Jyotisha shows us that our partnerships are the reflection or projection of self. If you have suffered through difficult partnerships this is a hard pill to swallow. You ask yourself, ‘ how can my angry or unconscious partner be a projection of me? “. The reality is that if you allow behaviour that lowers your vibrational frequency to exist in your life, it is in fact, a projection of what you are willing to tolerate, therefore a part of your world & you. If you are brave enough to take action and relieve any dysfunctional relationships from your life, you will see that, quiet simply, peaceful loving relationships will be your normal reality.
But what about your family ties? Most of the dysfunction comes from familial relationships actually. Basically you just take your space. There is no need to judge or point fingers. Quietly take your space. There is no question that this can be painful, but once your life becomes peaceful, you will guard your space and time. Compassion is the key. If you have done your part to wake the ‘other’ up and it has not worked, understand it is not your job. Move away quietly from all that keeps you from inner peace.


This vedic wisdom never fails to cause wonder. The lunar sign Vishakaha creates a situation where you mature later in life, a late bloomer. It is a relief to know that this also falls into a normal reality. Look to see if you have any Vishakha planets and you will understand a lot about yourself!
For the masses this full moon is about the successful relationship that is possible when one has matured. All souls come in at various stages of evolution and most have to cycle through a few partnerships before a level of maturity is realized that sustains a harmonious projection of self.

The opposite to the Libra/Vishakha moon is the Sun in Aries. Here we have the warrior and the pioneer. Once one is fully expressed as an individual, one is ready to be in a mature partnership. Aries jumps into relationships to quickly out of impulse. If intuition is clear, you will be guided correctly. This brings me back to keeping your body mind complex in a frequency that is not constantly digesting to much dark matter.
Earth is a school for relationships. As much as we would all love to meet one lifetime partner, it rarely happens. We are designed to grow through our relationships. Maturity is the gift.


Be gentle and compassion with yourself.Allow yourself to be a late bloomer. See your life as a journey where you are learning to perfect the peace within so you may experience a partnership that is a reflection of that peace.

Love only….

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