This new moon sneaks up on us. The Sun moves out of Aries and then the moon follows it within minutes. The new moon is formed at 00.29 Taurus just before 5am PST.

From an energetic perspective, watch for sudden shifts from out of balance into balance.


Even for those of us that are extreme by nature, and like testing our limits, which is uncomfortable, there comes that moment when we need to get back to balance.
Balance is a physical feeling. Taurus is about physical balance.

What disrupts balance?


Kapha imbalance

For those who have a lot of water planets, emotions will drive you away and back to balance. You will need to develop a tight trusting intimate relationship with your feelings. If you cannot trust your own feelings, then you cannot trust yourself, or anyone else for that matter. Yes, your feelings are important!
Once you re-establish trust with your own emotions, you have a golden path to certainty. Even still emotional balance expresses itself in the physical.


Kapha imbalance

For those who have a lot of earth planets, being grounded in your physical body is easier than for other elements. Being out of balance may mean you try to hide inside your body and use it as a barrier or cave. Indulgence to the extreme is not balance. Finding satisfaction in enough is balance.


Pitta imbalance

For those who have a lot of fire planets, you love the feeling of being full of excitement and can go to the point of burn out. You will know that you have pushed your balance too much if there is any inflammation or irritation inside your body temple.
Rebalance is found in rest and quiet literally, cooling off.


Vata imbalance

For those of you with a predominance of air planets, out of balance is your soul living half out of your body. There is a lightness of being that makes you feel high and ethereal but leaves you spacey and not truly present.
Rebalance is restored by rest and food and nature.


There is an opportunity to recapture your balance with this new moon. Your body is a recording station. It records all of your activity and gives you a response. Learn to pay attention. Everything counts. Commit to your balance. Everyone and everything in your life will benefit from you spending most of your time in balance.
Once you mature and adopt those habits which keep you in balance, you can actually do and be in situations that you could otherwise not be in , and retain your peace.


Is there a catch?
There is always a catch!

Krittika is the blade of truth that cuts off the lies that you tell yourself.

This new moon have the courage to face the truth.
It is always about releasing and letting go so balance can be restored.

This new moon have the strength to commit to your physical balance. Let that be enough.
Do not judge yourself against others. Everybody has a different internal and astrological configuration that makes them unique. You have to do what is good for You!

If you need some help ( and we all do from time to time), ask for a reading. Let me guide you to your truth and help you find balance. There is no greater investment that you will ever make that is greater than your balance.
Love only…

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