This one concept rules the world.

Those who are in love are peaceful, accepting, flowing, sweet, kind, in the moment.

Those who are not in love are, argumentative, angry or fearful, resistant, cruel and not in another moment.

Love rules the world.

This full moon is in Libra, the planet of relationships.

There are only a few fundamental relationships that we have to get right in this lifetime.


Make no mistake about it. The life you live depends on the relationship you have with yourself. This relationship will dictate the kind of energy you project into the world of cause and effect. Your life will be a reflection of the amount of love you have for yourself. This, by the way, has nothing to do with what kind of car you drive, or how many 0″s you can put into your bank account. Actually the great equalizer is the peace you feel inside your body temple. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t wait until you are old to realize this fact. It does not mean that you need not have financial success, but it means that you can also not have financial success , and be in the same zone. Self love is your ability to be in love with who you are and how your life is at this moment, good or bad.

Aries Sun is on the balancing side of this Libra moon which drives home the point and makes this language so sophisticated. Before you can love another, you must love yourself. Period.


Treat your Self the way you want to be treated. It is as simple as this. Try this …


You will have the capacity to love another to the extent that you can love yourself. That is a cosmic rule.

You must receive before you can give.

Study and implement just these 2 concepts and watch your life transform.


The level of order in creation is beyond any scientific or mystical explanation. It simply is. There are no answers as to who put it all together or who keeps the rhythm, but some force is. For now, it is a secret to us. This is where the concept of faith comes in. Falling in love with creation is paramount to your jiva mukti. In my most beautiful experience with the sonoran toad medicine, I was shown that we must love creation as a partner, just as we would our lover. It’s a big concept, but once you can do it, the amount of freedom you will experience is liberating.


This is the full moon. Libra is the frequency of relationships. Venus rules here.

Jupiter is the frequency of expansion. Allow your ability to expand on these 3 laws of love.

Are you in pain now?

Are you in pleasure now?

Drop into the truth and be in the moment with your truth. This is your celebration with this full moon.

Celebrate where you are now and just be with it.

If you need to grow into one or more of these areas, you are human. Such is this life!!

Find compassion for your self and continue to allow growth to live in you….

Love only….





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