This full moon is in Libra, the sign that seeks to make everyone happy.

Charts with a lot of Libra planets can struggle to be honest with themselves and others because they

seek to give others what they believe will keep the energy peaceful. This can lead to unintended dishonesty with self and others.

Libra is the opposite to Aries, which is where the Sun is today. Aries has no problem with personal agenda and will fulfill that before taking care of the other.

Herein is the balance between Libra and Aries.

These signs rule the 1-7 houses in your chart, which is the RELATIONSHIP AXIS.


I am convinced this dimension is a school for relationships. Everyone seems to be on a journey to learn and grow through the various relationships.

This full moon is a focus on your primary relationships.

Many believe they are better giving more to the other than to the self. The reality is that you can only give to another to the extent that you can give to yourself. Don’t kid yourself. You may choose to suffer or may choose to be in bliss and this all starts with your relationship with your Self.

Some of you will have a lot of libra planets and some of you will have a lot of Aries planets so each will be soul activated in a way that is authentic to your own chart. All of you have both of these energies within you even if you do not have planets in these signs.

When the full moon is in Libra it is time to celebrate the sweet balance that comes from giving to yourself so that you are satisfied enough to give to your partner.


The fruition comes later in life with this lunar sign. It is a good concept to meditate on in this instant gratification world. Vishakha is about the abundance that comes in the 2nd half of life. If you have any planets in this nakshatra you can rest in knowing that you will have time to enjoy to grow and build. Generally it is a good reminder that we are blessed to have the patience to appreciate that almost anything worth enjoying takes some time to ripen and blossom, including your own personality and ability to appreciate life!


The way the planets are set up for this full moon there is a lot of tension that is released through this current planetary war going on between Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. There is  war going on when it comes to who is ruling the people. It is a time to examine our relationship to our government.


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