All of the signs have their strengths and weaknesses. Some signs are just more intense than others. Virgo and Scorpio fall into the, ‘more’, intense signs. The intensity will slowly let up and by Dec.24, 2015, we will be into a happier zone.



In vedic astrology the planets are divided into 2 camps: benefic, and malefic, meaning they can cause postive or negative energy. Please do not let this move you into fear. The ancient astrologers were the forcasters of weather because if the planets are mostly malefic, it will cause bad weather. Nothing has changed in this area.

The Sun and Saturn are considered malifics. The Sun is hot and can cause harm if it planets are too closely aligned by causing , ‘combustion’, of the planet that is too close. For example, as I am writing this ( Nov.17), the Sun and Mercury are both at 1 degree of Scorpio. This means, Mercury is combust.  Now Mercury is a neutral planet and takes on  the  energy of the planet with which it is aligned, in this case, the Sun ( exactly) and Saturn ( within 10 degrees), so Mercury is between the 2 maelifics, most certainly influencing it.

Scorpio is all about control. It is a water sign, which makes the light frequency loaded with emotional passion, but Scorpio likes to suppress the emotion in favour of control. Mercury will go along with it causing patterns of intense anger, and , well, war. Why war? Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which rules war. This combination is dangerous and secretive. Globally, it’s awful. I always stay away from prediction, but in this case, we can expect so severe power war moves. After the recent Paris attacks, we will see some brutal retaliation. Mercury will remain combust until the end of the month which is not good news. My heart goes out to the innocent victims who live in the countries that are stages for war.

Now what does all that mean and how does it affect you?



My primary professional goal is to have the ‘developed world’, move away from western astrology and into vedic astrology. Although we can certainly determine global trends, as in this one, each of you are fundamentally, a piece of the cosmic machinery, and your level of consciousness of this will help you to realize that you can be a co-creator of the totality. By understanding your own chart, you are able to consciously ride the wave, and manipulate or adjust the energy as it flows through your own body, mind system.

Each of us has a frequency aligned to Scorpio. What I wish for, is that each of you become familiar with your chart well enough to know which house is ruled by Scorpio in your own chart and if you have any Scorpio planets ( and what they are).

Where ever Scorpio falls in your chart is where you will experience this intense transit from a personal perspective. For all of you reading this, I will offer a $40 half hour reading just to focus on your direct connection to Scorpio as it relates to your birth chart!



Understand this does not need to be bad or bring harmful experiences. Where Scorpio falls you will want to examine if you are being needlessly controlling, or are you under the control of another? Is this serving you? Can you let go?

On the other hand, it can bring up issues of your needing to be more in control.

Are you at war?

Suppressed feelings that result in anger are what eventually cause , ‘dis ease’. Best we recognize them and work through to a resolution.



Virgo also likes to control. Virgo, like Scorpio is a great sign when clear, but when not, can be judgemental and critical. This is a good thing if it is constructive, but if combined with suppressed anger, can cause emotionless reactions and implementations of systems that circumnavigate the heart. My fear globally is that, like after 911, there will be a lot of bills passed in countries that remove personal freedom and create unnecessary rules.

The Paris attack happened with Mars and Rahu were exactly aligned, essentially increasing the strength of Mars. This will remain in effect until Mars moves on Dec.24,2015.

The positive side of this combination is that it can provide the energy to finally get your affairs in order. What have you been putting off , that at the centre of your being, feels incomplete? Paperwork, taxes, outstanding debt, businenss restructuring, home cleaning and organizing,etc. The key word here is Integrity. It is amazing how the deep feeling that is even buried to our own selves, of not feeling totally centred because little details are left undone.

Now is the time!


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