I try to refrain from revealing my own life. Each of you that follow my work have your own dreams and aspirations and it is my priviledge to be a part of that story. Astrologers love to be behind the scenes, quiet and private. The upside is deep meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. I feel honored and blessed and thank each of you. You know who you are!

This full moon I am inspired to share my personal story.


This full moon snuck up on me because I have been travelling and working and attending divine weddings between Spain and Mexico. Last night I looked up over the jungle and realized the full moon was again upon us and it is time to contribute!

Full moons are a time to celebrate and dance and realize the dreams. In this case I am doing just that and wanted to share.

I am not good at short term planning for myself. It is a combination of a need for a lot of time alone and too much time that was spent living a life flowing with the plans of others. With my work I am always helping YOU with your personal life management which I love, but the effect is that I fall short in the short term and usually just flow.

Today it occurred to me that I great at long term planning!

With this full moon in Aries I will be moving into a jungle property in the Mayan Riviera that I have held onto, ‘patiently’ for ten years. When I came in on this eco development I thought it would happen quickly but it has not. It has taken ten years to ‘fructify’. And it is more than fitting that I be moving onto this sacred piece of earth during the full moon in Aries.

Aries is the beginning.

Astrology is mystical and magical!


Are  you are strong at short term or long term planning?

Are you good at cooking and designing?

Are you good at nurturing?

Are you good at leading?

Are you good at art or writing?

Are you good at advising?

Whatever it is that you are naturally good at, CELEBRATE!


The flipside of the full moon in Aries is the Sun in Libra. Since we live in this dichotomous planets we are always dealing with opposites. While the Moon in Aries is about leadership and risk, the Sun in Libra is about putting others needs in front of your own and doing what is needed to keep the group happy. Balance is in between, but you may just fall into the extreme category and balance is a rare moment. Don’t judge. It’s all good. Know yourself. Accept yourself and strengthen your natural gifts. Let others do the same. This is the lesson of this full moon.


The Sun,Mercury and Venus are in Libra. The heavy focus is on getting along with others and honoring relationships where you are accepted for who you are. Move away when you do not feel comfortable for it is your heart’s way of giving your direction. Trust yourself! You are so much more than you know. Celebrate your successes and align with those who support you for real! Now is good.

Love only…

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