This new moon is in the nakshatra HASTA, which means, ‘the hand’. It is also connected with PURPOSE.

How are your hands connected to your purpose?


There is an ancient chinese proverb that says if you want to keep your brain healthy you must work with your hands. This rings true.


So many of us now have our hands touching our cell phones and computers. Please be aware that the extreme energy drain that happens from this action affects your brain directly. Do something good for the longterm health of your brain and stop touching your computer. This means get an external keyboard and mouse. You will notice the energetic shift. For your cell phone get a cover so your sensitive fingers do not touch your screen directly.


The most important action you can take on a daily basis is to take care of your brain. This new moon in Virgo is about the details of your health care.

Your brain is a receiver station made of fat.

Pay more attention to your brain-hand connection with this new moon.


The primary motive of this nakshatra is Dharma or Purpose. Your life has the purpose you say. If you have problem finding a purpose just have the courage to choose a subject/direction that stirs your soul. You need something. Everyone needs something. You are free to change at any time, but give your life a purpose. NOW is good.


This line of up planets is divine. Rise in beauty. Harmony is beauty. Harmony is the concept of peace.

Relationships can flourish here.


This combination continues. The thought that reflects this planetary combination perfectly is this..

” What is your 10 year plan? Can you get it done in 6 months?”  Peter Thiel

Love only…

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