Like it or not, we live in a 2 dimensional world of polar opposites. The signs are virtually everywhere.

North pole- South pole







For many of my younger years, I refused to believe in evil. As many of you know, I have had many Masters come into my life and teach me.  Rose Gladden was a wonderful woman in her 60’s when I met her. I was 16. She was one of my very first spiritual teachers. She taught me that there was in fact, good and evil.

Rose had grown up in England and as a child was so intuitive that she was always telling people what was about to happen. Being afraid of her, they put her into an insane asylum for 35 years! She told me that she made a promise to herself , that once she was released, she would work with scientists and doctors to unveil the truth about her condition. All of us have what we term extra sensory perception, it is just naturally more developed in some than others. Those with great sensitivity, like Rose, and many of you reading this, generally have a more difficult time digesting this two dimensional world of dark and light.

When I met Rose, she had been working with scientists for many years. She was a deeply kind and wise woman.



Another concept that took me many years, after meeting Rose, to figure out  is that, the brighter is gets, the darker it gets. At least in our dimension. It is a cosmic law that has to be. So the more people wake up and become more conscious and add to the light of the planet, the more people will descend into darkness to equalize the polarity. This is a really tough concept to accept. If you look at our beloved Gaia at the moment, we are seeing massive amounts of people waking up at the same time, the most horrific human tragedies occurring.


This full Moon is in Aries, and in the very first nakshatra or lunar sign. The Sun is in the opposite polarity of Libra. This axis is what we astrologers refer to as the relationship axis. This is where the balance between self and another occurs. The Ashwin twins are the doctors to the celestial Gods, so it is a healing sign. This is interesting since, Aries is ruled by Mars, which is the warrior, so within we even have the dark and light!


The opposing force is Libra, which is ruled by Venus, the polar opposite to Mars. Swati is the priest or priestess. Swati is also the sword of the intellect and word that can cut through the darkness and bring light. So, herein again , we have the dark and light combined.



Within each of you is a dark and light force. You may spend your lifetime ignoring and running from your dark side. You may attract partners who are the polar opposite to you, dark! This full Moon, I invite you to find where your light and where you dark are operating in your life. This is a powerful transformative awakening if you are honest with yourself.


Love only…





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