I have been enchanted by a Turkish netflix series called Seyit & Sura, a love story built around the drama of world war one. What I am struck by is the amount of pain that so many generations have to experience because of men killing other men. Further to that we roll these dramatic stories into movies where the pain is intertwined with love meaning eventually we romanticize it. In fact, it does not even need to be in the past tense. If you look at the current trend in movies there is even a nostalgic twist to war games. This seems to be the way of humanity in this dimension. How do we explain it? How do we explain the violence and cruelty?

The ancient vedas ( as well as other ancient bodies of knowledge) explain that there are different worlds that exist in different planes called ,’lokas’.


Now the 14 Lokas include seven higher worlds and seven lower. The earth is considered to be the lowest among the seven higher worlds.
The Ātma, whose origin is Satyaloka (the level of the reality of God), wanders on its long journey through space and time on different cosmic levels until it again reaches its original home.
In Indian cosmology there are fourteen cosmic levels named – seven higher and seven lower Lokas. The earth is situated at the beginning of the higher worlds; six levels are located above it and seven below .
These worlds are not places in a physical sense, but are spheres of consciousness. They all exist on the earth as well as within us.
The seven lower levels are called Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Rasātala, Talātala, Mahātala and Pātāla. They accommodate those whose natures are inclined towards sensuality and compulsiveness and are of a lower level of consciousness.
The upper levels, however, illustrate the spiritual evolution of humans. Each level has a Chakra assigned to it. Our point of departure is the Earth (Bhūrloka) in the Mūlādhāra Chakra. The astral sphere (Bhuvarloka) is located in the Svādhishthāna Chakra. Next we experience “heaven” (Svarloka) in the Manipūra Chakra, and in the Anāhata Chakra we are admitted to the level of the Saints (Maharloka). In the Vishuddhi Chakra we pass through the cosmic sphere of the beings of light (Janarloka). Through discipline and purification we acquire clarity of knowledge and wisdom in the Āgyā Chakra (Taparloka). In the Sahasrāra Chakra we finally enter the level of absolute truth and reality (Satyaloka).

This is, as usual with the vedic texts, complex, and challenging for our brains to grasp. The summary is that there are different dimensions of reality the highest of which are pure bliss and divine beauty without war or suffering, while the lowest being the opposite. We sit in the middle loka experiencing both suffering and bliss. This makes sense.


Another difficult concept to grasp is the concept that all that we see is an illusion in the sense that it exists for the moment but in reality is an expression or projection of a deeper level of consciousness. This gives me some peace when it comes to the amount of suffering that I see in the world.


Pisces is really about the illusion. Pisces rules death. Death is an illusion.

Imagine for a moment that our souls may exist in a world of nothingness for millennia. Imagine that we are comfortably bonded with all of existence with nothing to attain and no where to go. Imagine that there is a vortex that can draw your soul into the world of drama. If you are lucky you can cycle through the different levels of consciousness just for the experience, knowing deep down that all is energy simply manifesting in different forms.

This full moon the world is moving into a state of high drama. We have media to bond us so we share the drama to maybe a greater extent than ever before but the drama of violence simply belongs to this loka; it has always been.


This is the very last lunar sign. Revati is a deeply spiritual frequency of acceptance and surrender. Revati is the sublimation of beauty of spirit. Revati is the end and the highest form of expression once the drama has been experienced. It is the peace and calm that comes after the extreme challenge that is called life.

This is a great time to drop into your heart and rest wherever you are on your own path of drama.


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