This new moon in libra is coming at the same time as there is a wave of honesty sweeping the internet. Men and women are using the term, “me too” , to explain that they have suffered some form of sexual abuse. It is about time that this tabu subject came to light. The problem is age old and rampant. A truly evolved civilization does not have this problem. Libra is the sign of partnerships. The new moon is a time to begin a new track. Now is good.


Your individual formation of self is seen as , ‘you’, by others, but as ,’I ‘ by yourself. This is the subjective objective point of view. This concept falls into the polarity or dichotomy of our dimension. We are experiencing a relationship with our self, and then as a projection of self onto another in relationship. This is to say that a suitable partner is an agreeable projection or reflection of our image of our self. To this end, if we feel unworthy or flawed, we accept a partner that reflects that image back onto us. The importance of continuing on with personal growth work until you can truly adore your self is critical in attracting a partner who can reflect that feeling back on to you.

Astrologically your first house represents your image of self.


The truth is that our brains are a dual system. Our nervous system is also dual with either parasympathetics ( sleep, calmness, bliss, healing) and sympathetics ( fight or flight, stress,anxiety). Our glandular system runs what is called the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm runs the body on a waking and sleeping cycle, which is also a ‘bi’, or ‘dual option’. We are designed to experience and find a balance between the I & the Other. There is a pivital factor in this reality which messes with harmony.

Astrologically your 7th house represents your partnerships.


As much as we can be angelic, we find ourselves in an animal body. Animals fall into one of these categories. The most ancient part of the human brain is called the cerebellum, and is in fact, reptilian.Thus, at this point of our journey, we fall into one of these categories. There are humans who are predators. They can’t help themselves. It is their nature. Their relationship with themselves and with another will always involved with this way of being. This is the source of sexual abuse.


This new moon has a line up of 4 planets in Libra: sun, moon, jupiter and mercury all within 7 degrees. Jupiter is adding a degree of higher wisdom and progressive movement which is what we are currently experiencing. it is a new dawn in the world of the balance. Thank God!


The nakshatra ruling this new moon is Chitra, which means, ‘the shining’ or , ‘the jewel’. This is the energy that one feels when one feels in love with self as well as in love with the other. Balance when expressed with respect. Do what you can to make your brain a jewel of light and love.

How do we evolve out of this predator/prey situation on earth?

Love only…

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