We are in the crossroads of planetary changing of the guards. When I look at a chart the first points I check are the current eclipse transits as well as the placements of Saturn and Jupiter.
The eclipse patterns shifted on Sept.8  and Jupiter will move on Sept.12. Saturn is not far behind as it finally moves into Scorpio on Oct.26. These 3 cosmic relations are the most important factors in governing the earth and our energy fields.


This is a more gentle passage than the previous Jupiter in Virgo year transit.
Jupiter is the frequency of generosity and abundance. Jupiter removes the obstacles set up by Saturn. Libra brings balance through partnership. With the high level of intensity in the recent times, this cosmic frequency is a welcome relief. Sometimes it’s just nice to hang out and enjoy the beauty of sight, sound and touch and taste with somebody who makes you laugh and keep it light. When it is somebody you know you can trust to stay in integrity, you can relax and enjoy the finer things of life.
Jupiter in Libra will activate your desire to go into partnership.


Saturn in Sag is also more gentle than Saturn in Scorpio. Consider last year Saturn in Scorpio and Jupiter in Virgo vs. Saturn in Sag and Jupiter in Libra.
This cycle will focus on wisdom and justice.
Jupiter flows perfectly with this agenda as it is only interested in finding balance and harmony.


There will be some dissolution of old traditional patterns. This is helpful in a world that has become so multicultural.
Jupiter is in a challenging aspect to Ketu as the old guard tries to hang on to old ways. I suspect there will be a high number of deaths of those who are trying to run the show with outdated rules and regulations.
If you have your Sun, Moon or rising in Capricorn you would be wise to have a reading now so that you are well prepared.


Rahu lays down the physical manifestation of our dreams. Rahu is good in Cancer because Cancer rules family love, great dinners, emotional closeness, sentimentality, and, yes, business. Jupiter in Libra is also in a challenging combination but will work to activate rather than stagnate.
Interesting to note that this combination can create extreme storms of water and look at hurricane Irma happening just at the onset of this new cycle.
Using the planets as a weather predictor, and the early astrologers were exactly that, we can expect more erratic oversized water storms.
On a personal level is it important for you to know if you have planets in the Cancer-Capricorn axis. If you have the Sun, Moon or Rising in this area you can expect major transformative experiences over the next 18 months.


Well after analyzing the various combinations it looks like the upcoming year of Jupiter in Libra has a positive spin. Now we could really use some of that!

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