I can’t recall the last time I saw this time for an exact full moon time. This is midnight and the subtle place between yesterday and tomorrow. It is a portal where all possibilities are present. Full moon is a time of the fully expressed manifestation of the idea or dream and yet it is in a position of nothingness. Rahu & ketu are also at 00.00. This is a point to Sandi; danger and enlightenment.


In the spiritual journey the most difficult transition is the journey into nothingness. Allowing, accepting and getting comfortable with nothingness does not sit well with our world of materialism. In fact it is in the nothingness where all is surrendered and one is just comfortable with full unity with all that is. If you have the courage to go through this uncomfortable period in your meditation practise, eventually you will come out the other side which is acceptance and bliss. Fear dissolves and grace enters.


The day that mercury goes retrograde and the day of going direct are the most potent times of this occurence. Clearly direct means that what has been stuck, or lost, or misunderstood can now unravel and become clear and move forward.


Sun, mars, mercury and rahu are lined up in leo within 20 degrees. Yikes! Mars is war. Mercury is anything that travels, including words and missiles. Rahu is crazy unpredictable action and increases the force of the mars and mercury. The sun brings in the flexing of ego. Look at the news right now. Keep your own energy in balance as your gift to the whole.

Wherever this force of energy and inspiration lives in your own chart is where you can be activated. Do not underestimate this time.


Animals are noble by instinct. Have you noticed?

Take this time to pay respect to those who you see ( including yourself) who are doing what it takes to express full authenticity.


The actual full moon is in the opposite sign to leo which is aquarius. Although both leo and aquarius are fixed signs there is an unpredictable element to this moon as it travels with ketu meaning anything is possible. The focus here is humanitarianism at the same time can create a loss of this very sentiment.
The world is in chaos as we head into the change of ages. Each time the ages shift; 2160 years, there is unrest within all of the elements so in fact, it is normal. Your soul chose to be here during this time. We are in the change of ages. This full moon is a demonstration of this.

On a personal level where your chart activates the aquarian energy can see the return of somebody from your past. It can also bring totally unexpected results.  Dreams can come true at this time.


Aquarius rules computers. I’ll bet there has never been an entire planet so captured into addiction so fast as with the cellphones. The technology is wonderful and here to stay. There needs to be so much more awareness about the blue light that damages the inner harmony of the human if not regulated. I suggest everybody spend some time to learn about the difference between blue and orange light. Dr. Jack Kruse is an angel for his message in this area. Simply download Flux on your computer and turn your cell to red instead of blue. This is so simple yet so missed. If you have not , now is goo.


Leo and aquarians are the opposite energies representing a full one egotistical person out for their own agenda. The opposing force is actually care of the masses. As much as we crave extreme activities to activate our awareness, the truth is that we are suited for homeostasis or balance.


This sort of sums up this full moon energy..


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