I have my moon in the 8th house. This means I love to engage in research. This next new moon/solar eclipse has taken me down the rabbit hole of more than 20 hours of research. There is no question this eclipse is important for us earth dwellers. My esteemed teacher Chakrapani Ullal mentioned last week in a FB post, “However, the SOLAR ECLIPSE of August 21 is of considerable importance and may have a significant impact on earthly phenomena.” This is a major statement and I am glad he made it. I will make it again.


What is so alarming for this eclipse ? Is it the fact that it travels along a weak fault line of the USA and could trigger a volcanic eruption of the Yellowstone caldera? Is it because the sun is at a peak of its’ storm cycle and is throwing off fireballs of radiation to earth causing men’s brains heat up and go to war? Is it a planetary alignment written about in the book of revelations that involves the cycle of the constellation of Virgo and the planet Wormwood ( aka Niburu) that does actually  occur during this upcoming eclipse? Is it because this planetary line up happens at 4 degrees of Leo in the Nakshatra Magha, creating a Parivatna Yoga with the Sun and Mars activating a major war? Quite honestly it has me confused.


I first heard about Niburu in 2007. The word in 2007 is that as soon as anything came up on youtube or the NASA website for that matter, it was taken down. If you look now you will see an infiltration of information on a planet that is described as Wormwood in the book of revelations, or Niburu from the Sumerians or Planet X by modern folks. Many of you will have read the books by Zecharia Sitchin on this subject.


The 6,000 year old Sumerian tablet was sacred information held by the priest class that describes that great flood that was caused by Niburu, ‘the crossing planet’. They also described our solar system as having 12 planets, Niburu, being the 12th. They counted from the outside in which makes earth the 7th planet, giving us reference to God creating earth in seven days.They proved that they were accurate in their astronomical information giving accurate numerical accounts of many other astronomical phenomena over thousands of years. NASA has confirmed the astronomy and the description of the different planets that was given by the Sumerians as correct. If the pure astronomy and description of planetary habitation was correct, it makes sense that the addition information they give is correct. They describe the planets as physical places with inhabitants and they even gave directions on how to travel to these planets. Niburu, they say, is the home of the Annunaki, a race of giant Gods who are pictured in Sumerian and Egyptian tablets and artifacts as interacting with humans.

The Sumerians describe Niburu as a red glowing cross. Niburu is 4 to 8 times the size of earth.
The depiction of Niburu went from a plain cross to eventually Egyptian winged Gods. They say that before the planets in our system where totally formed, Niburu came in close to our Sun and the Moon of Niburu hit earth and cause it to be split in half. Earth moved into a new orbit, while the remnants of earth remain as an asteroid belt which is now between mars and jupiter. Niburu then went on to form its’ own 3,600 year orbit around our sun. It is believed it also orbited another sun at the far end of its’ orbit. The complete of a full orbit around both suns was called, ‘completed orbit ashar’.


Now if this is true we want to look at the fact that our galaxy is 4.7 billions years old. If Niburu has an orbit of 3,600 years, this mean it has passed by our Sun 1.35 million times. Clearly, it does not destroy earth with each passing. There is another theory that the asteroid belt left from that initial collision that created a space and asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars leaves plenty of space for Niburu to pass without affecting earth.

If you search the internet for information on this situation, you will find that there are retired NASA scientists warning us that Niburu is close and may even be coming in close between this upcoming eclipse and Oct.10th of this year. What I find alarming is that nobody seems to know for sure. At least when one gathers all of the information there is no real clarity that arises, only
more confusion.
In all of my research I was most impressed with work of Jason Martell. However even with him, he not able to give us a specific answer on when Niburu might pass. I have to say, I agree with him in the fact, that our protective alien allies will not allow a major catastrophe happen to us.


An eclipse by nature involves Rahu and Ketu. In this case it is a new moon in Leo alongside a retrograde mercury. The Sun and Moon with Rahu intoxicates the situation creating ungrounded decisions based on a need to prove power. There is an exchange with the Sun and Mars which combines the need for power with warfare. Saturn is gandanta in Scorpio/Jyeshtha in a locked position with Leo inviting a stubborn approach. Generally this does not look good given current political affairs.

Niburu may be held secret to us and in fact is on it’s flyby course and may cause a gravity disruption, or not! The planetary line up that causes a breakdown in rational communication due to a need to prove a position of power is certainly enough to make the eclipse dangerous. The sun storms have been happening for a while, which I do believe has been affecting our race with too much radiation continues and can add to the intensity of all situations.
The other option is that we are divinely protected and living within different dimensions within our own planet, and some will continue to suffer while others live in paradise. I cannot even speculate now. What I will do is be on guard to live each day as if it was my last, be at peace within, have those I love close to me with some form of emergency action plan in place for this eclipse and until the end of Oct. For now I remain in deep respect and honour to our ancient ancestors who left us the wisdom as well as the modern day astronomers and various celestial races who are our brothers and sisters.

This new internet generation loves to sensationalize almost everything which can create a cry wolf situation. Not all planetary lineups are dangerous and not all eclipses are a cause for concern. Because there is so much mystery shrouding this next eclipse and the planets are noteworthy, I do believe we should be vigilant.

 God Bless! Love only….

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