The sun and moon are exactly opposite one another at 21.39 degrees in the Capricorn/Cancer axis. This occurs at 11.10am on Aug.7. It is a partial lunar eclipse that is the forerunner of the upcoming total solar eclipse on Aug.21. Be forewarned, the upcoming new moon full lunar eclipse is a grandiose one.


This configuration continues until Aug.27 and brings with it unsettled, unbalanced over emotional reactive behaviour. This configuration also plays a pivotal role in this full moon because it is in exact opposition to the full moon in Capricorn.

Of course, it is never all bad. This can be great for advances in business, which are often aggressive with a motive of protecting the family.

Where Cancer falls in your own chart is where you will be activated.


The good news is that this cosmic frequency is about balance, common sense and rationality thus giving us the dual nature we tend to experience here on earth. This full moon will keep the irrational side in some balance, if we are lucky.


Shravana is all  about listening. How often do we not hear what others are trying to tell us? How often do we ignore our own inner voice? How often do we ignore the signs from our own body, mind and soul?

During this full moon check in and see if you can really listen to the messages that are begin delivered to you. Now is good.


Courage is needed for action. Most people wait until it is too late or almost too late. If you wish to raise your frequency pay attention and find the discipline to act. If you lack discipline invest in somebody whom you respect and whom can inspire you to act. Now is good.

Love only….

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