Are you needing guidance or advice about a particular situation that you’re currently encountering? Are you looking to plan an event and want to find a date with beneficial energies? Or are you needing help with an omen or other significant sign you’ve discovered in your life? This is an opportunity to get specific guidance to do with the current phase of your journey.


Cost: $100/hr

“Plan in advance”

When you have an important date to plan, get the inside sacred knowledge of TIME.

Find the best time to begin or end a project or event.

Plan ahead for such things as:

Travel, Business Meetings, Weddings, Parties, Events, Retreats, Initiations, Childbirth, Exit strategy etc.

This type of a reading requires more back end work than the normal chart reading because many different times and charts need to be examined to find the most suitable.

There will be a cost for the research time as well as the reading time.

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30 min $50

Our world is an interactive holographic series of events designed to take us from moment to moment. Signs or omens , called Namita in Jyotisha are important messages for us to pay attention and go in a certain direction. Oftentimes we need help in deciphering the code or intention behind the namita.

Enter into discussion with me to gain clarity on what the omen was there to tell you!

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15 min $25

30 min $50

A straight forward question that involves the answer: YES or NO.

A 15 – 30 minute reading where I will draw a chart for the moment the question is asked. I will ask you to prepare yourself mentally with a short meditation. I will cast the chart and give tell you whether the chart is favorable or not. We pay very close attention to namita or omens for this type of reading.

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