Cultivating Self-Awareness

When you want to work with Paddi on an individual basis. The work is highly confidential and designed to encourage you to rise in self-knowledge and self-mastery. Learn More »

Guidance for the Journey

Are you needing guidance or advice about a particular situation that you’re currently encountering? Are you looking to plan an event and want to find a date with beneficial energies? Or are you needing help with an omen or other significant sign you’ve discovered in your life? This is an opportunity to get specific guidance to do with the current phase of your journey. Learn More »

Personal Relationships

When you want to come together with your romantic partner, family member, and friend or business partner to understand the underlying complexities influencing and governing your particular relationship. Simply understanding the deeper energetic or karmic alchemical reactions that occur when you interact or communicate, or simply be in the same room as another, gives you a profound ability to relax with things! It is also extremely helpful for those who are deciding to go into or come out of current relationships. Once you understand the WHY of your more challenging relationships, you will not take things so personally and will be able to approach the same relationship with a new light. Compassion for yourself, another, as well as a respect for what may be ancient past life connections playing themselves out in this lifetime. Learn More »


If you visit many of the ancient sites on the planet, you will find that beside the ruler was the building for the Astrologer. What has happened? This current age of money has forgotten to be in touch with much of what was important in past high cultures.

You will find those at the very top often do use Astrologers. JP Morgan is famous for his quote:’ Millionaires don’t use astrologers, billionaires do’. Astrology is a very high language that takes many years to master, it appeals to intelligent people who are looking for the extra edge to improve experience. God is in the details. Learn More »


Vedic Astrology gives us various possible remedies to help alleviate difficult birth chart aspects, or to help us through current challenging cycles. Learn More »