Well, a new decade in this calendar that we have decided to follow.

The strange truth of this world is that maya or illusion remains strong and well.

This Julian calendar that we have collectively agreed to follow is out of sync with the natural rhythms of our personal universe. We are part of this cosmic earthy ecocosism and meant to be in sync, like the animals that we are destroying at an alarming rate. As a planet we are not in balance.

We can argue whether this is Kali Yuga, but for me it’s fairly clear. Even when you raise your consciousness, it can be alienating from most of your family and friends.

Life on earth is not easy.

We are always looking to see if we can find hope that it will improve.

As crazy as these times are, the planets indicate improvement in 2020.


Saturn  moves out of Sagg where it has been since Jan.2017. On Jan.24, Saturn will move into its’ home sign of Capricorn. Here it will direct energy for the upcoming 2.5 years.

Jupiter is already in it’s home sign of Sagittarius and exerts its’ influence until Nov.20,2020!


Where does Capricorn fall in your own chart?

This is where you will feel the influence personally. If you have Cancer planets you will also be very affected by this transit.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is a , ‘chara’ or ‘cardinal’ sign which indicated movement.

Saturn is maturity that comes with time. You may have lifetimes of spiritual work so your soul  is mature. In this case, focus on fine tuning. Whatever the case, embrace the areas of your life where , if you focus some energy, you can grow and evolved into a more mature soul. I am not sure I have ever met anybody who did not need to grow a little more! I believe it comes from this dimension we are in!

Ultimately maturity is the ability to maintain your sense of connectedness to source and remain in balance no matter the circumstances. This requires discipline. Saturn in Capricorn is your discipline.

One the global theatre, we are also challenged to be grown ups!

Generally this next 2.5 years is very good for practical, logical, grounded, sound constructive movement.


Jupiter is the dancing partner to Saturn. Jupiter is the opposing force of unabandoned adventure and risk that is rewarded by manifestation. Jupiter remains with Ketu until Sept.19 ( 20th). I believe this is a lucky combination.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained’. This planetary combination has the ability to catapult you /us into the miracle state. Does it take something? Yes, it takes something. Your mind/brain must be healthy to hold sustained happiness.

Be bold in your self care. Take risks that feel right. Luck is on your side.


Sept.20, 2020 – April 5,2021

Jupiter will then join this powerful Saturn. Jupiter is also happy in Capricorn so this remains positive.

The markets should be very strong.


The current pattern of Gemini/Sag continues until Sept.20,2020! Those of you under this current transit know who you are! Many of you have been having your expected breakdown-breakthroughs recently. You still have 8 more months. Hang in there!!

The following eclipse will be in the Taurus/Scorpio axis.


Although the nodes do not have a proper rulership, it is agreed that this is their most favorable placement.

Intense, but leaning on stability and upholding values.

Those of you with Sun, Moon or rising in either of these signs best prepare.


Nobody said it would be easy and it will not be easy but this year offers support.

Remember the cosmic law under which we live. The one equals the whole. If one shifts all can shift.

As a race we need help. All we can do is contribute what we have as part of the whole- a blooming flower in a bouquet of white lilies. This year will likely see alliances and truth and common sense come into play in the most unexpected and delightful ways.

Om Shanti  Om

In Shallah, In Lakesh, In Espiritu …Love only




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