Ok. The truth is about 50% of us are addicted to something. Astrologically fixed planets and mutable planets cause addictive behavior.


Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

This group of ecliptic frequencies are slow to boil, but once boiling will self propagate. Fixed energy is the energetic railway tracks. Have you noticed how many simple but powerful motion devices are based on the track system? Trains, subways, ski lifts, gondolas and yes , your fixed planets! If you find some behavior, some food, or some person that gives you that feeling of being connected, ( or disconnected) you want more. When the stress of existence hits you you reach for that comfort; over and over and over again. If you do not know or are able to control your ability to reach for that comfort , you may be starring at addiction.



Whoa!! I can feel a lot of you sitting back in your seat. Yes this is a big subject. In fact you can be addicted to a person, a behavior ( pleasure or pain), a place , a food, a drug, a medicine, …the list goes on. Addiction is hard to break; it requires discipline.



There is just no way around it. In this 2nd dimension of Gaia we are all here dabbling with discipline. This little word,” yoga”, in sanskrit, means,”discipline”, has infinite power. Discipline is like butter; it is a key ingredient that can be added to almost anything to create a better experience.  If you can not get it together to control your addictive behavior it generally leads to dis-ease on some level. Life is not comfortable when you have let your addiction control your brain/behavior. It swings both ways. We see top athletes dropping off at a young age because of an addiction to extreme excersize. On the polarity we see lazy people dropping off early because of an excess addiction to no excersize! In between is what we feed our bodies.




Walking in between the polar opposite extremes of too much and too little is the land of choice. In an impoverished nation that does not have 50 different kind of chocolate to choose from at the checkout counter ( brutal for us addicted to chocolate!) there is no choice; or the choice is cheap drugs.  Everywhere we look there is an opportunity to become addicted. Addiction does not care about race, or socio-political condition. In all cases to break addiction we need discipline.


We are midway through a powerful transit with Saturn in Libra. Until next June, it gets a major push from Rahu. This is the time to grab on to the cosmic energy available to help you gain discipline. Yes, now. Yes, you! Love only…


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