On August 5th, the Sun and Moon will be aligned in the sign of Cancer under the nakshatra of Ashlesha. The Moon is at home in Cancer which gives this new moon a royal nature. Ashlesha means, ‘serpent’ and rules the kundalini. Cancer is water. We are 72% water. Let’s put these alchemical ingredients together and see what comes up!


Water is one of my pet subjects. I have been studying this subject for 30 years. You can read all of the books you want but I believe these two videos sum the wisdom up superbly.




The ramifications of this knowledge are mind boggling. In fact it gives us the ability to turn the sad global water situation around. If we all start to send loving thoughts to all of the water we encounter we can imprint the water with a new memory to grab onto. Yesterday I was swimming in the water off Tulum and going deep into this contemplation. I began to feel the memory in the water; both the water that was inside my body and the water all around me. For the first time I could see the imprint of the  memory in the water. It came in images. I began to consider the Hocopono method of apologizing , asking forgiveness and then setting a new intention. If it works for the humans it must have something to do with the inter magnetic consciousness that connects us all. It suddenly occurred to me to apologize to the ocean water. For an hour I focused on sending thoughts of apology for the gulf oil spill. I apologized for the lack of respect that we have had for the ocean that provides us with so much treasure. This lead me to consider…what if we could create a global movement to cleanse the water on the planet and re create a water memory of respect.




For this new moon I am going to commit to devoting some of my time each day to sending apology to the water of the oceans. Then to ask for forgiveness of our lack of consciousness that we have been given such a rare and beautiful planet and we have in just a few short generations practically destroyed her. Please join me Share this concept in whatever manner you can.


It always comes back to you. Like our planet you are also 72 % water. You water also holds memory. Your brain has the ability to erase the past negativity and re imprint the water in your cells with a new higher frequency of gratitude and conscious action. NOW is good!



Ashlesha is the lunar mansion of this new moon. Sanskrit is so brililant. Ashlesha is the super sexy energy that is emitted from a body temple with a switched on kundalini. Have you ever noticed that all real true Gurus’ are sexy? If the light is moving through your body you will be connected to the charisma of light. Where is Ashlesha in your chart? How is it operating? What would you like to do to become more activated? Ashlesha is in the sign of Cancer which is water. Do you own the memory of your own water reserve? Why not tag sexy onto it while you are imprinting your water cells.




What makes this new moon so auspicious for this subject is that Mercury has just moved into Cancer. Mercury is your thoughts. For a deeper understanding you will want to get to know your own chart better. Jyotisha is an extremely complex language. Your chart is not static. As you grow and evolve you will see that your chart follows you. Your own birth chart responds to you in a subjective way. The more you wake up the more your chart will become visible to you. The journey is the entire lifetime. Release yourself from the need for a feeling of completion. It is your life time. Your time. Your Life. LOVE ONLY…..

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