“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that” Martin Luther King,Jr.

These few days have an intensely dark frequency. The days leading up to and after resonate with the shadow energy.

DEC. 25 -@8.16-DEC.27 @ 19.35  BE ALERT 



The combination of the planets is startling to say the least. The main culprit is the mars-ketu combination. ketu acts like mars which means it is a double mars. Ketu is that portal through which loss lives. This combination is going to hang together until Jan.20,2017. The reason it is more intense now is because there will be an exact conjunction. At least it is in Shatabhisha, the God of injury. Ketu delivers from a hidden location without warning.

Jan.2/3 also carry an excruciating punch.



Saturn has been in Scorpio now for 2.5 years. It will finally move into Sag on Jan.26, so there will be one more moon saturn scorpio combination before it passes. Those of you with Scorpio sun, moon or lagna, will be looking forward to this next transition. It has been my experience that the biggest lesson or lesson identifier happens just before the planet changes signs. This may be the case here. Saturn is also now at 26 degrees which means it is gandanta until it moves into Sag. Gandanta is the danger zone. Its just a tough combination. No way around it. Scorpio is ruled by mars, so that just amplifies the mars again. All chips in.

We all know that mars is the god of war.



To add to this mix, mercury is retrograde which means there could be a direct target which goes off course, or goes off without a clear direction.

Travelling on these dates is not recommended. If you must, follow your intuition and make sure you are in a super calm confident space.


Jyotisha is just the language. The fine print of the cosmos….

Take extra care. Slow down. Be more patient. Be aligned with your intuition.





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