What does it mean to be,’extraordinary’?

Why do we pay attention?

As humans we like both ordinary and extraordinary because it gives us a chance to break out of a rhythm that can cause complacency. Few are so awake that they can arrive at the realization that actually every single moment is extraordinary,  rather there is a pull to find a sense of security in homeostasis, which is just normal conditions causing balance. Thus, we need the ordinary, but it is in the moments of extraordinary that produces catalysts ( events that shift our consciousness) which can push us into the realm of appreciating each moment as extraordinary. :-)

This christmas day is such a day.


All of the planets that are in our personal cosmic family will be within 73 degrees of separation. The results are always unknown and we have to wait and see. The cause will be a very strong alliance of electro magnetic forces that influence events and people here on earth.


Sagittarius is a fire sign which is the foundation for life. The kundalini is a spark of fire. Epiphanies that cause realization are sparks of inspiration. Sagg is also mutable which means it forces change. Furthermore it is a dual sign which creates unpredictability. When we have a group of opposing forces ( planets that are both malefic and benefic) dancing together, the door opens for change.


If you are reading this, you likely love evolving your soul. Now is such a time. The portal is open and if you are a worthy receptacle, this is a time to receive. Believe & receive.


Sagg rules wisdom, justice, great teachers and higher learning. Based on this I believe this time to be auspicious for positive growth.


Four planets fall within Moola.

Moola is ruled by Kali, the goddess of destruction. Something has to give…


The new moon and all of the planets are aligned with Ketu which causes loss. Generally in order for growth to occur there must first be a vacumn created; and this is loss. Loss can come consciously, in which case it is surrender, or unconsciously, in which case it is forced trauma. You do have a choice. My suggestion is to embrace that which needs to be released and let go, once and for all; whatever or whom ever. Fight for your higher Self. Now is good.


We are meant to live in community. We need support in order to stay healthy. For some it is an inherited family, for others a spiritual family, whatever the case, having a sense of belonging within a group that loves you is essential to wellbeing. You may belong to several different groups world wide, or you may have just your family; no need to judge, what is important is that you do have a place you belong that shares similar ways of of expressing gratitude/prayer.


This new moon eclipse is the time to offer your personal spiritual energy to the collective.


This is the type of moment that can shift consciousness. Be open. Believe & Receive.


Love only….




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