Well to begin with a full moon always has a polar opposite balance, so when we examine the moon, we must always take a look at the weight of the Sun in the equation. Jyeshtha is all about power and control, emotional manipulation, subversive action. The ruling deity is Indra, King of the Gods. Arrogance and Egotism can run the show in it’s dark version, while great leadership can result in the military that has a ‘motherly’ quality.

Jyeshtha delegates.

The motivation is Artha or material prosperity, thus why Scorpio which is the zodiac sign of this full moon, rules, “other people’s money’. Now how does power wrap around having control over other people’s money? Hmmmm….

Albert Einstein had his natal moon in Jyeshtha.


The opposite to Jyeshtha is actually an exalted state. The moon represents the mind and in Taurus gives a stable mind. Interesting that a stable mind must be balanced with the influence of power and control. A stable mind could be one that does not question authority and is happy being ignorant and innocent. Life is much less complicated when you do not take any responsibility for anything outside of your immediate world. The result is a person who can be controlled and is okay with it.

The other result for a stable mind is one who seeks answers and responsibility not only for one’s self but for others and fits into a leadership position.

Taurus Moon is fixed earth ruled by Venus, so is steadfast or stubborn, sensual, and disciplined. A Taurus moon does not vacillate but holds true to principles that have proven themselves to be good for daily bread. Taurus moon wants everyone to be well fed, happy and off to sleep in a comfortable bed.


Now this is an interesting dance. Mars is the warrior of course. Mars retrograde, is a confused warrior.

Mars retrograde is exerting a great deal of influence on this Moon.

As we enter into a new age, which as we can see, will look nothing like the past 2,600 years on this planet, the world seems to be full of confused warriors. Fighting for a cause you understand is completely different that fighting for a cause because it is trending on some social media platform.

Those who are happy to follow will go along until the food runs out, It’s a Taurus thing.


In Astrology we have many mitigating factors which add spice. I keep coming back to the fact that the two very stabilizing forces in our dimension, Saturn . Lord of Wisdom , and Jupiter, Lord of Spirit, are both in uncompromising positions. This gives me hope that all will be well in the end.


Rahu is the leading direction for an 18 month period. Mars also rules her, thus more war.

When will this shift?

Nov. 2023, Rahu will move into Pisces, this will mark a change in the wind.


Where does the Taurus Scorpio axis fall in your own chart?

This is where you will find activation.

Reflect on your own brain. This is the super computer that you have been gifted, and it is powerful beyond measure.

Now is a good time to feed your brain with all the nutrients it needs to work for you.

All personal growth work is designed to get to a stable mind.


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