The eclipse patterns are in the Virgo/Pisces axis this year. Ketu ( south node of the Moon) is in Pisces. Mars and Venus will be aligning on this axis for the next short month. This alignment is worth understanding.


Ketu represents our past; not just yesterday, but our past lives. In short, Ketu represents that which does not exist in physical form. It represents the unmanifest, the invisible. It is the void from which we come and into which we go. Ketu is the portal of the unknown. Within this portal exists pure potential. This gives Ketu a distinctive quality over the other planets. Of all of the planetary frequencies that affect us personally, this is the zone of the unknown or the miraculous.




Let’s face it, our life is a massive mystery to us. We operate with this massive computer , our brain, but are only given 10% of actual conscious awareness. That is ridiculous. That is like saying, here is your dream car, do with it whatever you like, but you can only drive it while awake, 10% of the time. What about the other 90%? !! Well, sure, in fact , you will have to let it sit in the garage for half the day as it sleeps. You must make sure that the sleep is as perfect as possible, quiet and tranquil, otherwise when you take it out, it will not run properly. During it’s sleep time it has to assimilate all that it does during the active time. So what about the other 40% of the time? What happens then? 40% This is an approximate number. It varies slightly with each individual but you get the point. The other 40% is where the miracles are made. We are uncovering information that all simple indigenous or ancient advanced cultures have always known. Intention must be laid down in the either, or nonphysical, imagination world. Once it has traction there, it can manifest into the physical for our physical enjoyment. Isn’t that trippy? So that is a rough outline of how we manifest our dreams. We are, in fact, using our unconscious state as a bridge between the unmanifest and the manifest. So you ask what can help us expedite this process? Seems everybody wants to know how to manifest dreams into physical reality faster or with more consistency. The answer seems to be true belief in the process; let’s call it faith. Faith is having a clear understanding that you are not alone in your 10%! That is a lonely place. To understand that you are actually so much more than you can imagine. That you have the ability to make your dreams come true. That you can create consciously or unconsciously. There is no way around it for any of us. We simply have to have faith that we belong to a greater consciousness, we are not alone! You are not alone. Ketu represents that unknown place and faith.




This is such a great transit for Ketu. Pisces is the sign of faith so the two energies synthesis easily. For any of you who have the Sun or Moon or Ascendent in Pisces this 18 month cycle that runs from July 2014-Jan.2108 is one of the most intense. You will find that relationships and stuff just drops away from the physical and goes back into the either. The best thing you can do it to accept and enjoy. “Let go and let God’.


Well, go figure that Venus belongs and loves the frequency of Pisces because it basically represents unconditional love. Venus in Pisces is all about forgiveness, empathy and compassion which is paramount to opening the flow of love within you. Venus in Pisces is gentle slow lovemaking, the candlelight bath, the golden sunset over the ocean. Venus in Pisces is peace and tranquility. Venus in Pisces is the art of surrender.


Mars in Pisces is not strong. Mars in Pisces is ,”laisse faire’. Mars in Pisces cannot control with force, so it, on the lower levels of consciousness, will attemtp to control through emotional manipulation. Making another feel guilty can be a great motivator, but is , just that, coming from the lower fields. Now, if you are feeling guilty a lot of the time, or even some of the time, understand this is a frequency that will eventually cause disease in the body. Guilt has a place, ok, but a very small place and only in very specific circumstances; it does not go on sale.




Mars is the masculine principle in all of us and Venus the feminine. When we have both together there is a focused energy in the same direction. What we want and how we go about achieving that is synonomous. Mars and Venus is Pisces is downright emotional! Pisces also represents the past, so the combination of Ketu and Mars and Venus will bring up emotions that are triggered from your past.




Basically you want to be free from anything that triggers you in a negative emotional way. Yes, that is right! That is why we all do so much personal growth work; to release the negative triggers from our past. How do you know you are healed completely from an issue or person? It is when they no longer can trigger you into spirialling into a negative emotional environment. When this happens you know you are free. Until that time, you have work to do. Well you don’t have to, but if you want that ultimate state of peace and tranquility that fosters vibrant health, you will want to go this.




This is such a beautiful concept given by the vedas. To be liberated while alive. This means that you no longer become triggered by external of internal circumstances. That you have released the physical memory that is attached to your physcial/emotional/spiritual body and you are freed up. Does it take work to get there? Generally yes!! All of us come in with varying degrees of samskaras, or karma from past life, so each of us has different work loads to clear that energy. Then there is the current life scars that also have to be cleared. Then there is the maintenance of day to day to make sure you keep the vibrational frequency that keeps you clear. Thus the work of our dimension. NOW For the next month Mars and Venus and Ketu travel together. Expect past lovers, friends or issues to surface. Observe if you are still triggered. If yes, get to work. Don’t think you can do it alone, that is why we need each other. We heal each other. Yoga and mediation are needed for assimilation and maintenance.




It is surely helpful to know if you have any Pisces or Virgo planets, so you have the specific insight into your own cosmic paradigm. Then you know where to lay down your intention and go to work. If you do not, just observe where your emotions are negative. Create an intention to feel good!! This will mean you will first have to dislodge the memory within you own physical field and this will take time..or not! Next you have to manage the situation that is causing the disruption. This often means letting go. Then there will be a void and you will have to fill it with something faith!

Set your intention with ceremony. If you smoke set your intention on the inhale and let it go to God on the exhale. Whatever you do , use this method. Work with the unseen force of love that is there to listen and hold you.



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