I have two INDIGO daughters. My pregnancies were planned. My conceptions were conscious, both of them. What does that mean? It means that I made love with the intention of creating a child, inviting a spirit. It means that directly after making love I knew unequivocally that I had connected the energies that would open the gates for the special spirit that was to incarnate through me.


There are a lot of different criteria given to the term Indigo. There is a lot of writing that says they are the children born with impaired mental/physical capacity.This is true for some of them, but the are also born with full mental/physical capacity. I believe these children are the ones who have the consciousness developed that they do not have the herd mentality. Sorry to say, but you do not have to look far to see that a great majority of humanity are still in the herd consciousness. Nothing wrong with it. It is not a judgement, simply what is. I think it has a lot to do with diet.



Indigos do not follow the herd. indigos are not driven by money. Indigos are highly artistic and psychic. Indigos are not afraid to tell the truth. Indigos are in the purple ray of wisdom. These children are not easy to raise if you try to put them in a normal school system. They fit better into independent learning. This group is creating intentional eco communities throughout the world. They are focused on creating new social structures that involve communities. They will lead humanity in the new age of Aquarius.



Many Indigos are so sensitive that the do not need anything more than super foods to move into intoxicated frequencies. This means the normal reality can be a little boring. Indigos seek excitement that stimulates those frequencies on which they live. Like the God’s and Goddesses of past, this group of time travellers are gravitating to the ancient Shamanic medicine to heal their wounds. They are adopting juicing, super foods and a vegetarian perspective. They are doing yoga, meditating, traveling to visit indigenous Shamans and Guurs, practicing socially conscious charity and eco sustainability. These Indigos are now old enough to be contributing to society. They are awake. They need support.They are inheriting a massive amount of responsibility.



Acknowledge their wisdom at an early age. Do not talk to them as if they know nothing, they often know more than you. Listen to what they want when it comes to education, music, art etc Let them have lots of alone time so they can adjust their energy Allow them to be creative. Let them tell you what they need. Feed them wholesome food. Let them sleep. Let them lead!


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