The Cancer moon is emotional and generally empathic.

It’s one thing to deal with your own emotions but when you are an empath you can import the feelings of others. This can be confusing when you are young or even when you are old if you don’t get this sorted.

I spent the better part of my life with my 3rd chakra closed tight. If you understand that is the solar plexus area.

When I took too many emotions of others into my body ( without knowing how to self manage), my solar plexus would close down and I would grow cold and uneasy.

If you have a lot of Cancer planets, you actually ,’care’ about others, often at the expense of your Self.

Empathy is a gift and a curse. You are blessed when somebody comes into your life and teaches you how to manage this beautiful aspect of yourself.


I went to the first school in Canada for Massage and Hydrotherapy. There I learned that I only needed to put my hands on a person’s body and I could access how they were feeling emotionally, where and how the physical¬† ailments felt in the body and even more information, if I asked.

It’s like you have airdrop! :-)

Many of you reading this will be able to relate. Empath is the opposite to psychopath, who feel no empathy. Since opposites attract, we often find the two together in romance; the empath struggling.

While empathy can make you sweet and truly loving, if you live in a normal world, you need to learn how to manage this gift.

You must learn how to protect your solar plexus area and that if you are destroyed from channeling too much negative energy, how to prevent it from repeating. This process typically takes years to master.

This Moon is likely to bring up many emotions.

Observe what you are feeling and ask yourself, ” Does this emotion really belong to me?”.


This lunar sign is considered to be the most spiritual mature. It means, ‘ the one who nurtures’.

Of course when there is not a healthy love to fill the empty heart, one will reach for any one of the ,’alternative’s that mother nature offers, chocolate, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, plant medicine or white powder drugs. Imagine a world everyone had their emotional needs satisfied, these¬† industries would go out of business!

As we are in a full moon phase, the cosmic result is fruition.

Expect emotion.

Be brave enough to examine your own emotions. This is an emotional full moon.

TIP: silk is a barrier. You can wear a piece of silk around your solar plexus ( under your clothes) and it will actually protect you.

The main lesson to learn, is to avoid people who rob you of your precious energy, and to leave a situation the moment you feel you are draining energy.


Well this is interesting. This combo will create unusual situations that can reunite old friends/lovers, or spark a new relationship based on an unusual spontaneous happening.

Mars and Venus are now in Sagittarius so put yourself out there and be open. This throws in a very fun social twist.


There is no substitute for a mature individual. If you have travelled the world and had a lot of life experience and you are still running the patterns of your 14 yr old self, maybe commit to some personal development courses this year.

Maturity is sexy.

Saturn is a 2.5 yr cycle and will remain in Capricorn until Spring of 2023. Grow up or go home!

Love only….



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