The gemini-sagittarius axis is about information and communication. Gemini is the light hearted, not always true news, while it’s opposite, Sagittarius is the deep truth. As life is a flux between lightness and intensity, both have their place. Today the full moon is in Sag, so let’s examine the information coded into this cosmic frequency.


Very often it takes a while to uncover the deepest truth, even with ourselves. Why? Generally because it revealing the often hidden underlying details causes pain. For most, instinct causes us to move away from pain. Remarkably there are many who can float through life ignoring the painful truth, but for most, if truth is not dealt with it morphs into physical/mental disease. Quite simply, dis-ease, always has a source of instigation that is ignored until it’s a major irritation.

Personally, I find, when I am searching for a truth that is illuding me, it may take several pages of journaling, or several kilometers of nature walking, before it become obvious. What can cause even more pain, is when we are trying to uncover the truth with our loved ones. Everyone has a different way of dealing with communication. Some are designed to embrace intensity while others are designed to fun from it. Understanding your own authentic nature ( birth chart), gives you insight into how to approach resolution.


Gemini is at the other end of this full moon, but today it overpowers the Sag. Look at this line up of Gemini planets involved in the full moon.

With Gemini taking the dominant stage you can expect avoidance of intensity/truth seeking. If this is the case, let it be. That is the gift of knowing which cosmic switches are activated at any time. You can flow in the direction that exists naturally. During this time best to focus on laughter and lightness.


Ketu hides things. Ketu dissolves. Let it be. Don’t push. You can resolve it at another time. This is a time to bond over playfulness. Deal with the deeper stuff later.

At the same time, the truth may suddenly become apparent from an intuitive feeling level. Acknowledge it. Your intuition is your highest human faculty of guidance.


Connect with your own inner truth. Strength is when you can stay connected to your truth despite attempts to pull you off your centre. During this full moon celebrate your communication between you and you. Commit to your truth and watch your life unfold from that place.

Love only…

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